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A Very Medieval Christmas (A Medieval Romance Novella Bundle) by Kathryn Le Veque. ARC Review.

A Very Medieval Christmas bundle brings you all of the Medieval joys of the season with five holiday-themed novellas, including a never-before published novella in A Blessed de Lohr Christmas!

It's de Wolfe, de Russe, de Velt, and de Lohr all in one limited-edition collection!

A Blessed de Lohr Christmas - when a Christmas Eve battle wounds Christopher de Lohr, it will take David and Marcus and all of his men to help keep him alive until help comes.

A Joyous de Wolfe Christmas - Prodigal son Scott de Wolfe returns and makes amends with his family and twin brother in this heartwarming tale.

A de Russe Christmas Miracle - On a night when angels walk the earth, Gaston de Russe receives a badly-needed Christmas miracle.

The Dark Lord's First Christmas - Getting into the holiday spirit isn't easy for the fearsome Dark Lord... until a humble family changes his mind.

Realm of Angels - Inspired by The Nutcracker's "The Mouse King", a repentant knight finds some holiday magic of his own in this sweet tale.

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A Joyous De Wolfe Christmas

I don't normally give five stars to a short story,  but this one really got me.  
There is a wedding between Jamie de Wolfe and Rose Hage.  All of the de Wolfe family including the families that are tied to them are there for the event,  except one. It is a very emotional time for everyone.  
I didn't bother reading the blurb for this book because I will read anything this author writes.  The title says "Joyous" I did not expect to cry my way through most of it.  I was reading it on the bike at the gym,  very embarrassing.  That will teach me to make sure before I start.  
I have read the stories that connect with this one,  but that doesn't stop the tears.  
I loved it.  Just make sure you have tissues handy.


A De Russe Christmas Miracle.

Dane De Russe,  the Duke of Shrewsbury is taking his pregnant wife, Grier to visit his family home.  It might well be the last Christmas for his father,  so it's doubly important. On the way he does something he thought he would never do.
A very emotional Christmas for a huge loving family.  Will they have anything to celebrate???
I loved it.

The Dark Lord's First Christmas 

Jax De Velt was a vicious war lord,  killing and plundering his way through life.  That was until he met the daughter of one of his victims.  Now married to her and happier than he can ever remember being.  Unfortunately a man can't change everything about himself when he doesn't think it's wrong.  This Christmas will teach him a very needed lesson.  
An amusing and emotional story.  I loved his book and this little follow up..


Realm Of Angels.  

Sir Rhogan De Garr made a bad decision to pursue money and land,  it cost him something much more valuable. 
Juliana De Nerra made up her mind about the man she would one day marry as a child.  Even though she has not seen him for years, her mind has not changed. 
This Christmas season will bring about the truth in people's hearts.  Appearance means nothing if the heart is true
 A beauty and the beast type story  but the true beast is not who others would see.  
Good fun.


A Blessed De Lohr Christmas 

It was supposed to be a peaceful family get together for Christmas.  The attack by the Welsh on a nearby village put an end to that.  For our heroes that will be a night to remember.  The brothers will put some old memories to rest and clear the air.  
An action packed story full of emotion and fun.


KATHRYN LE VEQUE is a USA TODAY Bestselling author, an Amazon All-Star author, and a #1 bestselling, award-winning, multi-published author in Medieval Historical Romance and Historical Fiction. She has been featured in the NEW YORK TIMES and on USA TODAY's HEA blog. In March 2015, Kathryn was the featured cover story for the March issue of InD'Tale Magazine, the premier Indie author magazine. She is also quintuple nominee (a record!) for the prestigious RONE awards for 2016.
Kathryn's Medieval Romance novels have been called 'detailed', 'highly romantic', and 'character-rich'. She crafts great adventures of love, battles, passion, and romance in the High Middle Ages. More than that, she writes for both women AND men - an unusual crossover for a romance author - and Kathryn has many male readers who enjoy her stories because of the male perspective, the action, and the adventure.

Kathryn loves to hear from her readers.

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