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The Duke You Know (The Duke's Secret #5) by Eva Devon. Historical Romance ARC Review,

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A delicious romance filled with ballrooms, passion, dukes, and deceit await you in Eva Devon's The Duke You Know.

A lady made notorious

As a child, Lady Persephone Blakeney witnessed first-hand the dangers of a bad marriage. Despite that tragic past, she's blossomed into an independent, wild young woman, content in her unmarried state. Then one day she meets the wife hunting Duke of Drake; a man with a dark past of his own. Sparks and passions immediately fly. She knows better than to fall preys to the danger of marriage…but what about passion outside of marriage.

A duke with a ruinous secret

The Duke of Drake has never known love. Only passion and hate. Despised by his parents for a childhood stutter, he is determined to give a child the life and love he never had. Clever and clearly passionate, Lady Persephone seems the perfect choice. But a secret shadows his life and she has declared no interest in marriage. Can he give into the passion she so desires without taking her to wife?

When Percy finds her fortunes turn, she must consider a fate she'd long disavowed. A single proposition and one soul searing kiss will change everything. But can it lead to love, or will the Duke's secret destroy them?


Because his parents saw him as defective Damian Avonby was bullied all of his young life.  It wasn't until he served in the war and became the Duke of Drake that he even made friends.  His friends are all Dukes like him and they met at war.  They are the only ones he can trust.  Some of them have recently married and he has decided that's what he wants.  
Lady Persephone Blakeney has borne the brunt of her mother's actions since she was a child.  It wasn't until the death of her father when she moved in with her uncle and cousin that she remembered that life is for living.  She is happy in the countryside with the flowers and wildlife.  
Two unloved people who believe they are happy alone find out that family life can be happy.  
A sweet romance with lovely characters.  It's obviously part of a series but I've not read the others, Yet.  
A very enjoyable read.


USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Eva Devon, was raised on literary fiction, but quite accidentally and thankfully, she was introduced to romance one Christmas by Johanna Lindsey's Mallory novella, The Present. A romance addict was born. She devoured every single Lindsey novel within a few months and moved on to contemporary and paranormal with gusto. Now, she loves to write her own roguish dukes, alpha males and the heroines who tame them. She loves to hear from her readers. So please pen her a note!

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