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I Will Protect You (The Van Wilden Chronicles) by Jessica Gleave. PNR/Urban Fantasy Release.

Title: I Will Protect You
Series: The Van Wilden Chronicles
Author: Jessica Gleave
Genre: PNR/Urban Fantasy
Release Date: November 7, 2019

When love turns to hate, how does one come back from that?
Eshe Kalu loved Jonas until the day he gave her an urn of her mother’s ashes. 
Now she hates him.
As she deals with her grief, she realizes she may have received more from him than she expected. 
Jonas Van Wilden is trying to win back the love of his life. He has waited three thousand years to finally be with Eshe and will do whatever it takes to prove his love.
Morgana Van Wilden is still trying to deal with the aftermath of her ordeal with the Forest Clan. 
Gareth Lloyd, her mate, and Alastor McLoughlin, their best friend, are doing anything they can to help get her back to her old self again. Even if that means sabotaging their first solo mission.
Can Morgana become the fierce, vampire ass-kicking warrior they all know she can be?
When the tables are turned, Jonas is going to need his sister now more than ever to protect the greatest thing to happen in his life.
I Will Protect You is the fourth book in The Van Wilden Chronicles. Not your average vampire family. They spy, they fight and above all, they love.


Jessica Gleave writes love stories set in fantasy worlds. In other words, she is a genre masher. Jessica likes building fantastical make-believe worlds where her main characters fall in love.
When she is not busy writing her upcoming novels, she’s a busy mum of two. She lives with her husband and two kids along the East Coast of northern NSW.
Jessica loves nothing more than drinking a glass of bubbly, eating chocolates, and reading a good book—preferably all together. But if it’s daytime, she’ll replace the alcohol with coffee.


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