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Kiss an Angel (World of de Wolfe Pack) by Meara Platt. Historical Romance ARC Review.

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Ginny Beresford, daughter of the Earl of Beresford, has always been able to see her guardian angel, but as she grows up and enters Society she realizes that her soul mate and the only man she will ever love is her angel, a renowned warrior who lived 350 years ago. Can she overcome the obstacles of time and the laws of nature and existence to find happiness with this warrior who has claimed her heart? 

Titus de Wolfe’s life was cut short by men he trusted who turned traitor to their king. A fierce warrior in his day, he is now an admired warrior angel known as Jeremiah, but his existence has always felt incomplete until he is assigned to guard Lady Ginny Beresford and finds himself falling in love with her. He knows he must risk all if they are ever to have a chance of being together.


Lady Eugenia Beresford has always been able to see her guardian angel.  This will be her third season,  and she wants to marry for love like her parents.  Her problem is nobody can ever measure up to who she really wants,  and him she can never have. 
Warrior angel Jeremiah has been Ginny's guardian angel since birth,  and he will protect her from everything,  even himself.  He died on the battlefield hundreds of years ago but his biggest battle is still to come. 
A lovely historical romance with a little touch of magic.  After all you are not supposed to be able to your angel,  are you. 
I loved the way this is woven into the "World of the De Wolfe Pack" . The heroes personality fits perfectly and the heroine is just as strong and independent as every De Wolfe woman. 
I loved it. 

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Meara Platt is happily married to her Russell Crowe look-alike husband, and they have two terrific children. She lives in one of the many great towns on Long Island, New York, and loves it, except for the traffic. She has traveled extensively, occasionally lectures and finds time to write. Her favorite place in all the world is England’s Lake District, which may not come as a surprise since many of her stories are set in that idyllic landscape, including her Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award winning story.


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