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Heart Of Honor ( Knights Of Honor #5) by Alexa Aston. Historical Romance ARC review.

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1375 A.D. – When Sir Christopher “Kit” Emory’s beloved mother falls ill, he decides to seek the help of someone he met briefly at the royal court years ago—Lady Alys de Montfort, a renowned healer despite her young age. While traveling to her home at Kinwick Castle, Kit is accosted by a band of highwayman, who beat and rob him, leaving him to die. Fortunately, an escort party comes across him and Lady Alys insists they take the stranger home so she can use her skill in the healing arts to save his life. 

The man awakens and has no memory of his identity, but Alys believes he might be Kit Emory, a young man she’d met once when she was a young girl. Kit comforted her when the queen died and Alys never forgot his kindness to her. Alys does what she can to jog Kit’s memory, even as she struggles with her growing attraction to him, knowing Kit was betrothed and must now be wed. Kit also finds his desire deepening for Alys, but he doesn’t know his own name, much less if he has a wife or family. Until he recalls who he is, he refuses to commit his heart to Alys. 

Once Kit regains his memory and realizes he is free to pursue Alys, their road to love is anything but smooth. 

Join Kit and Alys as they overcome events that continue to tear them apart and threaten the love they have for one another. 

Each book in the Knights of Honor series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. 

Series Order: 
Book #1 Word of Honor 
Book #2 Marked by Honor 
Book #3 Code of Honor 
Book #4 Journey to Honor 


At just twelve years old Lady Alys de Montfort is the most sought after healer in the royal court.  Unfortunately even she cannot save her beloved queen.  It's time now to go home to her family. 
Christopher (Kit)  Emory has come back from the disastrous war in France.  He finds there are a lot of the most important people in the land, and his family extremely ill.  There is one person he remembers from his time at court a few years before,  maybe she can help his mother. 
Our incredible heroine suspects who her latest patient might be, but if she tells him, it might slow his healing and she would have to share him.  Our hero has always been very impetuous,  throwing himself into things before thinking about the consequences. 
This is part of a series, but easily read as a stand alone.  If like me,  you have read the previous stories, you will recognize the family.  They are all wonderful and strong characters.  I like to think this really was what life was like. A thoroughly enjoyable historical romance with lots of action and excitement.  Who do we get next,  Ancel maybe???
I loved it. 


Alexa Aston’s historical romances use history as a backdrop to place her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense desire for one another grows into the treasured gift of love.

She is the author of The Knights of Honor, a medieval romance series that takes place in 14th century England during the reign of Edward III and centers on the de Montfort family. Each romance focuses on the code of chivalry that bound knights of this era.

A native Texan, Alexa lives with her husband in a Dallas suburb, where she eats her fair share of dark chocolate and plots out stories while she walks every morning. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and can’t get enough of Fixer Upper or Game of Thrones. Alexa also writes romantic suspense, western historical, and standalone medieval novels as Lauren Linwood. 

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