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A Lady´s Deception. (Haslemere Men #2) by Pamela Mingle. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review

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Mr. Hugh Grey and Miss Eleanor Broxton share a scintillating liaison the night before he leaves for war in Canada. The memory sustained him for the years he was away. Now, the reputed rake is back, knighted, and he’s got enough money to right the estate his father left in ruins. What would make Sir Hugh Grey’s world perfect is the lovely Eleanor by his side.

Their attraction is sizzling, and the sweet way Hugh is wooing her—a kitten, kisses in the moonlight, and expert help in lighting her dreary work space—makes Eleanor dream of forever with her strapping knight. But she will not risk a scandal, which could ruin his newfound respectability and esteem, especially in her father’s eyes. When Hugh discovers what she’s been hiding, it could drive them apart forever.


Hugh Grey has finished his army service and returned home after the death of his father.  After more than two years away he has a lot of responsibilities to take on.  He carries a lot of emotional baggage and often speaks before he thinks. 
Miss Eleanor Broxton is an independent and strong minded young woman.  She is working extremely hard towards a definite goal.  The last thing she needs is the distraction that comes with the man who plays a big part in her reasons for working so hard. 
Get a big box of tissues ready because this is a very emotional story.  Can our hero put away his harsh views and learn how to forgive?. 
A lovely heroine with a huge heart. 
A thoroughly enjoyable read. 



Pamela Mingle is a former teacher and librarian who was fortunate enough to choose writing as a third career. Or maybe it chose her. :) She loves to create romantic tales that play out against historical events and always includes some humor in her books. 

Pam and her husband enjoy walking in the UK--even though she's done her share of whining on those fifteen-mile days. The walking trips have been an ideal way to discover new settings for her books.

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