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Dragons Of Preor: Kozav. (Dragons Of Preor #3) by Celia Kyle as Erin Tate. ARC Review.

Grace Hall is a nurse, not a doctor. But when five Preor warriors are brought to the emergency room and the doctors don’t do a darn thing for them, she steps forward. Sure, they are aliens with massive wings who turn into dragons whenever they wish, but they still look human-ish. One particular warrior draws her more than the others. His teal wings, muscular body, and pain-glazed eyes have her bouncing between two desires—needing his touch and desperation to heal him. When she’s filled with the knowledge to treat the males, Grace gets to work. She’s going to save the Preor males, even if it kills her. When she loses consciousness after healing them, she realizes it just might. 

Kozav sen Aghin, Primary Warrior of the Preor Third Fleet, wakes weaker than a hatchling on the Preor battleship. He’s fully healed yet plagued by a feeling that something is wrong. And something is… Kozav found his mate on Earth and she was left behind—alone and unprotected. Unacceptable. Kozav still carries the guilt for his actions during the great conflict and he is determined not to fail so greatly again. The curvaceous, green-eyed, dark haired human female is his to protect, his to claim and his to keep. 

When danger intrudes and someone attempts to take Grace from his life, Kozav is prepared to do whatever it takes to bring Grace back to his side. Even if it means killing one of his own. Or will it be Kozav with a sword through his chest? For Grace’s sake, he hopes not. 

Part of the "DRAGONS OF PREOR" series: 
Rendan *coming soon*

This is part of a Sci-fi romance series. While you could read this as a stand alone you will enjoy it more if you have read at least the first in the series so that you understand what has happened on Earth.
Grace Hall is a very hard working nurse. He mother is desperately I'll and needs a carer. That means Grace must work as many hours as possible to pay for it. Not everyone on earth is happy with the aliens that have appeared but there is also a lot of technology they are willing to share with our planet .
There has been a big accident and there are badly wounded alien that have been transported to a human hospital. Protocol is to not touch them and send for their own medics.
Kozav is a Primary Warrior of the Preor and a dragon shifter. That makes him incredibly arrogant, even when he is recovering from surgery. He carries guilt for things that he had no control over. He will not allow anyone he considers his responsibility to be harmed.
An action packed sci-fi with danger and laughs.  We can all sympathise with our heroine's desire to smack her mate for his over bearing attitude. And with our hero for his desire to keep her safe. Its very easy to get addicted to this series. The heroes are macho to the extreme and the heroines independent and strong. I loved every page.

Celia Kyle would like to rule the world and become a ninja. As a fall-back, she’s working on her writing career and giving readers stories that touch their hearts and *ahem* other places. Visit her online 

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