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The Girl With The Dragonfly Tattoo,( The Michelle Hodge Series #4 ) by Roslyn Woods. ARC Review.

An Austin, Texas Art Mystery
Could you forgive the father who abandoned you to an indifferent mother when you were only two? When thirty-nine year old Octavia Bishop hears from an Austin lawyer that she needs to come to Texas to bury Edwin Bishop, she finds herself confused. It's especially unsettling to discover her father knew a great deal about her and carried her photo in his wallet. After learning his death is being looked into as a homicide, Octavia has little hope of finding answers until she meets two important people: Shell Hodge, the person who heard her father's last words, and Gus Kerr, her father's closest friend—a man who is too attractive, and possibly too dangerous, to ignore.
Michelle Hodge is just getting ready to close her art gallery for the night when an old man comes in with something very interesting. Unfortunately the night ends tragically. Now Michelle has got a mystery to solve. Not for the first time she could be getting in over her head.
Octavia Bishop has come to Austin to bury her father.  He abandoned her when he divorced her mother, she was only two years old. She is struggling with the emotions that hit her when she is faced with the details of his life and death. There are a few people that seem to have been close to her father, but Octavia has no idea who to trust. How can she learn about him when even those closest to him didn't really know him.
This is the third book in a series but easily read as a stand alone.  It is an intriguing murder/mystery, with marvellous characters. It will take you some time to workout which of the men in the story is the hero and who the villain is. Both of the women are clever and brave and the dogs are also heroic. It also makes a nice change for the main characters to be a little older than most stories.  It is a nice long book that you won't want to put down, so settle in and have a very good read.

Roslyn Woods, an oil painter and watercolorist, has quietly written fiction for years. She lived in Barcelona as a child, the daughter of two writers. Roslyn now lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and her dog, a lovable mutt. The Point of Death is the prequel to her mystery series featuring Shell Hodge.

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