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The Madness of Lord Westfall. ( The Order Of The M.U.S.E. #2) by Mia Marlowe. ARC Review.

Pierce Langdon, Viscount Westfall is mad . Everyone knows it. He fell from a tree when he was a boy and woke to hear strange voices. When the voices grow stronger as he grows older, his family commits him to Bedlam. But what he hears are the thoughts of those around him--a gift to be used in service to the Order of the M.U.S.E.. Until he falls again ..this time for a totally unsuitable woman.

Lady Nora Claremont hides her heartbreak behind the facade of a carefree courtesan. Viscount Westfall is the most confusing man she´s ever met. He seems to know exactly what she wants ...and what she´s thinking. 
Which is a dangerous thing , because what Nora wants is Pierce.
And what she´s thinking could expose her as a traitor to the crown..

Pierce was recruited into the Order of the M.U.S.E. by the Duke of Camden.  The order are all gifted individuals.  Pierce the Lord of Westfall's gift landed him in Bedlam,  the notorious hospital for the insane. His uncle had him committed because Pierce says he can hear the thoughts of everyone around him. Since then the Duke has taught him how to shield himself, so that he can get some peace. Now he and the motley crew the Duke has brought together work to protect the crown from weapons of a psychic bent.
Nora is a beautiful courtesan in the keeping of a Lord who may be in possession of a very dangerous item.  Lord Westfall and the team must find out what it is and stop it from being used.
A lovely action packed and sexy story.  With a big twist on the normal type of historical romance. The horrible insight into the treatment some inmates might have suffered in the hands of unscrupulous doctors is so scary.
The characters who make up M.U.S.E. are all marvellous.  The blurb says this is book #1 but it reads as if we have missed the beginning.  I will have to check the author's work for more.

PS. I have since found out I was right there is a previous book. It would probably be best to read that first. 

Mia´s work has been featured in PEOPLE magazine´s Best of 2010 edition. One of her books is on display at the Museum of London Docklands next to Johnny Depp memorabilia. Her books have been tapped for numerous awards including RomCon´s Reader´s Crown, RT Reviewers Choice and Publisher´s Weekly named her  "Touch of a Rogue" one of their 10 Best Romances! 



  1. The book sounds fascinating and definitely gone on TBR list. Mia sounds like an author I would definitely follow. This would my first book from. I love the look of your blog, it is catchy, colorful without distracting from the focal point and informative.

    1. Hi. This was a new author for me. It will certainly be the first of many of hers I will read. Thank you for your visit and comment.

    2. Hi. This was a new author for me. It will certainly be the first of many of hers I will read. Thank you for your visit and comment.


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