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A Warrior Wedding, ( The Protectors #7) by Teresa Gabelman. ARC Review

After a desvastating blow, the VC Warriors find themselves fighting , but not an enemy they can see. Their power and expertise alone cannot save the ones they love. 
Breaking new and old laws , one Warrior is determined to save his mate no matter the consequences, but will his mate agree to be his downfall. 


No Warrior or main character was seriously injured during the writing of this book. ;)

This is part of a series, and unfortunately I haven't read the others. That did not stop me understanding or enjoying this one. 
Jill is a man made half breed vampire. She along with lots of other humans were injected with a serum that changed them to half breeds. They should be able to eat food and drink blood. Something has gone badly wrong and many are getting very sick.
Dr Slade Buchanan is a full vampire, and a VC Warrior. As a doctor he is desperately trying to find a cure. Without it the only way to save them is to change them. That is against the law.
There are lots of really great characters in this series. Now I'm going to have to go and get all the other books in the series so I can catch up. The actual wedding was beautiful, and described so well I could see it. Lots of tears were shed and lots of laughs too. I think I'm in love with Hunter. 

Off now to work my one click finger.

Teresa Gabelman is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the " Protector Series". When not writing about sexy alpha vampires and the women who drive them crazy she can be found on a lake with a fishing pole/Kindle, at a MMA event or spending a fun evening with family.
Being a full time writer has allowed Teresa to connect more with readers which is what she loves most about writing. If you find the time she´d love to hear from you. !



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