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Alpha´s Darkling Bride. by Linda Barlow. Bad Boy Alphas. ONLY 99c. ARC Review.

A Wolfish marriage of convenience.

Montana rancher Cade Derringer wants me naked and vulnerable.
Screw that.
The last thing I need is a dirty talking , bad boy shifter crashing into my life.
Especially the wolf pack alpha, who never lets me forget that the first time he saw me , I was stark- freaking bare-assed.
Trouble is , I can´t seem to stop losing my clothes around him.
But that doesn´t mean I like him.
Nor does it mean I´ll obey his sexy arrogant orders...
Even if I am forced to marry the jerk. 

I´ve got no damn use for a wife.
Especially one with dark , mysterious secrets.
I´m a hunter. Chicks like her are my natural prey.
But Jess lights me up with mystic fire every time I nail her.
If she thinks that means we´re fated mates , forget it.
I take what´s mine , but I don´t believe in fairy tales.

Author¨s Note: Alpha´s Darkling Bride is a full- length, stand alone novel with hot sex, strong language, and an HEA.

Oh Wow!!  This is so much more than the average shifter story. 

Jess has come to live with her wolf shifter grandfather,  but he is not at all well. After a road accident,  she loses him. The will he made is bad,  but a promise to a dying man must be honoured.
Cade is the pack Alpha since the unexpected death of his older and much more acceptable brother. When his friend dies and winds him up tight in a death bed promise and the will, he is prepared to put up with the maddening but delicious Jess for the time being.
There is another part of Jess that she is terrified of allowing free. She can't control this part of herself, and it's so strong.
This is definitely an all action story. I couldn't put it down. I love strong heroines, and Jess is certainly that. Cade is also a great hero, strong, sexy and compassionate. 
A wonderful book I loved it.

Linda Barlow is the author of 25 novels in various genres, including family sagas, historical and contemporary romance, romantic suspense, erotic romance and general mainstream fiction.
Publishers have included Doubleday, Dell,Penguin, Warner Books, New American Library/ Signet, Berkley/ Putman, Silhouette and Harlequin. Her books have been translated into approximately 20 foreign languages.
Linda is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist. Her romances have won numerous industry awards, including the Rita from Romance Writers of America (1989) and a Lifetime Achievment award from Romantic Times. She also contributed two essays to Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women, a collection of scholarly essays on the enduring appeal of the romance. This book won the Susan Koppelman Award for Excellence in Feminist Studies of Popular Culture and American Culture in 1993.
Linda si now indie publishing and loving it ! She is updating her backlist and writing new novels, too. The first book to be rewritten and indie published is the new edition of her classic historical romance, Fires of Destiny, which was a finalist for the Rita Award in 1987 ( available now)
Linda served as President of Novelists, Inc. in 1992 and did two three- year terms on the Executive Council of the Author´s Guild in the 1990s. She was Romance Writer of America´s keynote speaker at the annual conference in 1989.
When she´s not at her computer writing , she´s likely to be reading. She can´t imagine what her life would be like without books


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