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Despair and Destiny, ( Highland Wolf Clan #4) by A.K.Michaels. My ARC Review.

Where is Rebecca? Who has kidnapped the sassy Witch from right under the noses of the Wolf Pack? Jacob is distraught and his anger knows no bounds as they fight to find out where his mate has been taken ; and by whom. The answer is unimaginable and the bloody confrontation that leaves death in
 it´s wake shocks Jacob and Cam to their core. 
Can they rescue her unharmed ? Or will her ordeal affect her far more than even she can imagine? With happiness surrounding the Pack they have to pull together and seek her out. Before it´s too late.
Chastity faces her own fears of fitting in to Cam´s billionaire lifestyle but finds something that she needs his money to fund. Will he agree? Or will she fail in her attempts to be at his side in the
" human" world?

  This is book 4 of the Highland Wolf Clan series.  They are best read in order, as we follow so many special characters through so much, both  good and bad . 
Rebecca is a witch who is just mated with Jacob, a wolf. After secretly performing a healing one night , she has been abducted.  Tension runs high when Jacob finds his new mate stolen from under his nose. How can such a powerful witch be taken? 
The healing she performed just before being taken will also cause major changes in pack life.
Chastity is coming to terms with her new life as the Alpha female, and ( the Alpha)  Cam's mate. Her life before is so very different to everything that Cam will shower her with.
We also catch up with Logan and Tina, she was terribly abused under the old pack Alpha's regime.
There are so many stories to come in this series,  I can see it going on for many more books yet. I want to read every one.

A K Michaels, Ava, was born in Scotland quite a number of years ago! She was married at a young age and is mother to three much loved children. After the birth of her last child she went back to higher education and studied for a year before gaining employment in the banking industry. She worked in that role for a number of years before leaving, both the job and the country.

She lived abroad for a few years before returning to Scotland and finally taking up her dream - writing.

She is the author of the Defender's Blood series of books and other series’ including The Witch, The Wolf and the Vampire, Supernatural Enforcement Bureau series, Highland Wolf Clan series and also Sabrina's Vampire, together with a Wolf Erotica Novella, Lori's Wolf. Her books fall into the Paranormal/Urban Fantasy genre and she loves writing those particular kinds of stories where she can let her imagination run wild!

She now spends her time reading - everything from Sci Fi to Crime, Erotica to Fantasy, Thrillers to Paranormal Romance. She loves spending time with her family and, of course, writing!

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