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Tangents, By Agatha Rae.


                                             AUTHOR: AGATHA RAE.

Genre: Mystery ,Fiction,Drama 


Rick is a successful writer living in New York City. Anna has just lost her job as a college teacher in Boston.Dan is a frustrated insurance agent from London, and Matylda is a Polish girl scout getting ready to settle in Madrid.One day , they fall asleep and when they wake up in the middle of some mysterious woods, they have only one thing in common - they all want to return home. 


Agatha Rae, ( real name Joanna Boguslawska) lives in the beautiful city of Gdynia in Poland. A co-author of ESL books, and a collection of essays analyzing popular culture, she made her fiction debut in 2013 with a novel "Oenone".Her articles have been published both in English and Polish in numerous magazines, for example; Forum for World Literature Studies or The Teacher.

A huge fan of Canadian rocker The Tea Party, a cinema-goer,CD-collector and a proud owner of the cutest and coolest mutt on the planet, who is trying to put together a Charles Bukowski PhD( Agatha not the mutt, the mutt decided to quit her education and focus on searching for the purpose in life). Agatha is currently working on a novella " Don´t Close Your Eyes"and the second volume of Tangents for Firefly and Wisp and two ESL projects for Polish market.

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Author Name: Agatha Rae
Book Title: Tangents
Genre and Sub-Genre: Dramatic Mystery Fiction
Publisher and Publication Date: Firefly & Wisp Books
Book Content Rating: *2 PG-17 – Some adult content but no details
Tour Duration: Tour June 27 – July 3

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