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Wereleper, (The Leopards Unleashed #1) By Dina Haynes. My review, This book is Free AT Time Of Post.

The first book in a new to me series.  In this author's "world" humans know about Weres,  they live in their own areas and don't interact any more than they must.
Our heroine is a were leopard, but is considered a mutant because of her inability to shift. She suffered horrendous abuse in the past,  so now she is in hiding as a human.  She has learned the hard way to hide all her emotions behind a wall. Unfortunately she makes a big mistake that is about to change her life forever.
Now, I'm not going to tell you our hero's name because that would spoil the first part of the story.
The Were world is one with it's own prison and brutal shifter guards.
This book is almost non stop action. The shifters are not the normal happy go lucky pack members. There are several very vicious fights, and some of the sex scenes are unusual.  You can't help feeling sorry for our heroine, she has a lot of dangerous times.
I look forward to the next book.

  Dina was a late bloomer. She didn't become a "reader" until one summer away from college, working at a failing video store in her home town, the East Bay Area of California. With several hours of downtime, she snuck her mother's book, Pet Sematary, to work and found her imagination came to life with the creepy words on Stephen King's pages. Back at university, she began to realize her own penchant for story-telling in an exchange that started with a close friend. Oddly enough, by the time she graduated with a degree in Sociology, she knew she wanted to become an actress, but her "B" plan (or maybe it was her "C" plan) was to someday write a book, or books if she planned to make any sort of living off of it. Something romance related, of course.
Flash forward 10 years (or more), when acting started to look more like a pipe dream, she picked up the pen, literally, and wrote her first book. A friend had introduced her to the Urban Fantasy genre and didn't that seem apropos; elements of horror combined with everything she liked about romance. She is happy to pursue this passion while she keeps a few contemporary romance stories on standby.
Currently, she resides in Miracle Mile, Los Angeles. Visit Dina on her website at

Wereleper: A Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance Suspense (The Leopards Unleashed Series Book 1)

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