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Cowboy 12 pack, By Various Authors. All 12 book Reviews.

As you might guess this is a boxed set of 12 books, so I will review each one separately.

#1 A Cowboy's Seduction.
By Cynthia D'Alba.
Natalie 's parents have given her an all inclusive holiday in the Carribbeen. She had been expecting to holiday at their home in Florida, but they are going away. Natalie needs some sunshine and to get away from work and the snow.
Brock is a cowboy who has looked after his 3 younger siblings and the family ranch since he was 18 years old. This year his family has clubbed together and paid for a holiday of a life time just for him.
Although he grumbles a bit he is persuaded to go.
This really is the sort of vacation everyone dreams of. A lovely sexy story that can't help but make you happy and long for your own sunshine holiday. 

#2 Sadie and Her Cowboy.
By Paige Tyler.
A historical western romance. 
Sadie has inherited the ranch from her father, but a neighbouring
cattle baron is determined to drive her off. He has already bought off some of her cowboys. Her dormant suggests she find a hired gun to help.
Jake has worked as a ranch foreman and has a reputation as a man who do whatever is needed.
Dealing with Sadie is the most difficult part of Jake's new job.
A hot, wild ride into the west. A true cowboy romance. Our hero takes No nonsense even from his boss, but will protect her with his life. Our heroine becomes addicted to the discipline from her foreman.
Great fun I loved it.

#3 The Billionaire's Husband Test. 
By Ellen James.
This one is a contemporary romance.
Leslie Lamb is starting a matchmaking service and convinces a group of friends to be her first customers.  The men have been friends from college days when they named themselves Billionaires Anonymous.  They have all managed to make the title a fact. That makes it hard to find a woman who is not after money.  Or to have a date without the glare of publicity.  Cooper is the first to get a potential match.
Emma doesn't want a man in her life since the love of her life died. She can't believe she will ever get over her loss. The problem for her is her brothers are always setting her up. So she agrees to go on a date to get them off her back.
A lighthearted fun read, maybe a little predictable. 

#4 Her Uniform Cowboy.
Harland County series #3 Kade
By Donna Michaels

Brandi needs to change her life, so she leaves behind her musical career and her military family to move to Texas. 
She decides to use her designing degree to renovate a restaurant /pub. And to stay well away from all military men. Her problem is her.body is attracted to the local sheriff.  
Kade wears many hats, he is a Cowboy a sergeant in the national guard and the sheriff. On his last overseas deployment a soldier under his command died, and Kade blames himself. 
They are both struggling to come to terms with the past. 

An emotional story with lots of humour. The characters make up a large loving community,that we can catch up with in the other books in the series .

#5  I Am Not Your Melody. 
By Shoshanna EversRand. 
Allie has left her broken marriage behind in Miami to start a new life with a man she met on the internet. She is now half owner of a small town bar. 
Big Bad Bill is a heartbroken widower.  He has more or less shut out everyone, except the woman he has sold a share of his uncle's bar to.  She has bought it unseen and turns up two weeks early. 
A good but sometimes sad story, of learning to live for now not the past. .

#6 Chase And Seduction.
Hot Country book #1
By Randi Alexander.
This is the start of a series, 
Reno has written a book that is being made into a film. The man she suggested for the lead is a country music star. Being around him during filming has been a test for her self control.  She is wildly attracted to him, but he has a love em and leave em reputation.  Reno is not interested in a fling. 
Chase is used to the women falling at his feet, but since he first met Reno she is the one he wants. The problem is they are such different types, is it just opposites attracted. 
A story of miscommunication and selfless love. A vunerable hero who only seems to be full of confidence.  A heroine who has allowed the men in her life to manipulate her.

#7 The Cowboy Wins a Bride. 
By Cora Seton. 

Jamie is a very organized man. He saved hard and bought into his best friend's ranch. There is just one more thing he wants to make his life perfect. 
Claire has come home to the ranch for her brother's wedding.  She has had more than her share of heartache caused by unfaithful people. The last thing she needs is practical jokes. 
A good journey of our characters self discovery. The needed to find themselves before they could find love.

#8 .The Harder They Fall.
By Beth Williamson.
T.J. is a woman working hard in a man's world. She has plenty of confidence in her work, but none about herself.  At nearly six foot tall, with bright red hair and curves she is just too much for the normal cowboys.
Hank comes charging into T.J.'s life. He is furious at being disqualified from a part of the rodeo that T.J. is organizing.  He figures that he will seduce his way past the disqualification. 
A hot steamy romance with a wonderful hero and a strong independent heroine.

#9 The Real McCoy
By Sabrina York. 
Crystal and her friends have agreed to help their younger friend celebrate her birthday with a weekend in the country. They allowed. Porsche the birthday girl to book it. She picked a dude ranch with Cowboy strippers. A girl only gets to be 21 once.  The men on the ranch hold no interest for Crystal, she likes REAL cowboys. 
Ford answers his neighbor's urgent text, only to find his sister there for her birthday.  He is very protective knows he must allow her to grow up. The city women who come to party are not the type to interest him. 

A fun sexy read, with the promise of more to come. A real macho hero and ultra feminine heroine.

#10  Badass. Hell Yeah!. 
By Sable Hunter.
Avery is the sweet and innocent daughter of a vicar. She has fancied Issac for a long time, but he says she is not the sort of girl for him. Avery is determined to change that. 
Isaac is a typical vassals. A Cowboy, biker, bar owner and a Dom.  As much as the delicious little preacher's daughter appeals to him he can not bring her down to his level. 
This book is funny as well as sexy. The things Avery does to be the type of woman Issac could love can't help but make you laugh. For a Dom Issac is not very confident in his own worth. 
This is part of a series, while you can read it as a stand alone it would be better to read in order so as not to spoil the others that you willwant to read.

#11 Cowboys Never Fold.
By Lexi Post. 
Kendra and her band of social misfits are working hard to get her Naturalist resort open for business.  They have been getting more than their fair share of teething troubles. Too many things are going wrong for it to be coinsidence . 
Wade has been sent to be the new stable manager for the resort. His friend Dale runs a recruitment business and can't understand why the three previous men he has sent to Kendra have not lasted in the job. 
The nearer it gets to opening time the more trouble they get. Both Kendra and Wade are hiding something,  will everything be revealed in the end? 
A fun read that had me giggling as I pictured what ways happening.  Our hero is seriously sexy. Our heroine fiercely independent and brave,  with a heart of solid gold. 
Poker Flats could make an interesting series,  the secondary characters are good enough for their own stories.

#12 Cupid's Cowboy 
A Cowboy Way Novella. 
By Becky McGraw. 

Jase is a hard working Cowboy. He is struggling for money and is helping his father cope with his mother's illness.  One of his side jobs is as singing telegram , this Valentine greeting is one he really doesn't want to do. He would love to make a living from his songs but can't seems to catch a break. 
Leigh has been working for her father, but has screwed up big time. The waste of space Singer she has been babysitting is putting of signing the contract. She has spent a lot of her father's money with no results,  that is going to cost her her job and what little relationship she has with her father. 
This doesn't go quite as you will expect.  Our hero has a lot to deal with and has been knocked back too many times. Our heroine has major trust issues, and no idea what family should be. 
A sexy and often emotional story.

AMAZON .CO.UK.Cowboy 12 Pack: Twelve-Novel Boxed Set

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