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Haunted Heart, By Kathryn Loch. .

Haunted . . . hunted . . . and now a vicious serial killer targets the woman he loves.

NYPD homicide detective Tyee Crow is forced to stand by as the main suspect in a string of gruesome serial murders is released on a technicality. Infuriated at having his hands tied by the system, he argues with his captain and is removed from the case. Ty resigns and leaves the state—and his past—behind him, his only goal to find a new life well away from New York.

But the ghosts of the murdered victims won’t let him walk away, and neither will the killer. Ty calls the killer Skinwalker, even though the crimes have little to do with the Navajo legend, which describes a shaman of great power who has turned to evil. But Ty is about to learn that every legend starts with a grain of truth. When Ty suffers terrifying hallucinations of the murdered victims and strange occurrences start happening in his apartment, he questions his disbelief in the supernatural. Fearing for his own sanity, he seeks the help of a respected paranormal researcher, Dr. Beth Givens.

College professor Beth Givens does not fear ghosts or the supernatural, but she knows firsthand the damage a living person can do. She’s sworn off investigating—and relationships—preferring the safety and comfort of the classroom. When the handsome detective pushes her to investigate his haunting, she wants nothing to do with the case, no matter how attractive he is. But as she learns the details of the murders and realizes how desperately Ty needs her help, she finally agrees to investigate the haunting and discovers far more than she is prepared for.

Drawn to each other despite their better judgment, Ty and Beth’s relationship soon crosses the line from professional to personal. But neither realizes the danger they are in until it’s too late.

When the murderer strikes again, Ty and Beth must fight to stay one step ahead of a madman who now hunts those Ty holds most dear while the ghosts who haunt his waking nightmares won't rest until Ty gives them justice. But how can he protect the one who means the most to him against a killer who will stop at nothing to see him destroyed?

I was lucky enough to be given an A.R.C. of this ,but that does not colour my review in any way.

Wow what an exciting thriller.
Ty Crow is a detective on the hunt for a serial killer.  He is emotionally involved in the hunt and is not getting the support from his bosses. When his temper gets the better of him, he is dismissed from the case. As much as he tries to put it behind him the ghosts of the victims will not leave him.
Beth Givens is a teacher, psychologist and ghost hunter. She has her own reasons for not getting involved in paranormal investigation anymore. Ty pushes her to help him to find out if he is haunted or crazy.
This is a very hard book to put down. You get dragged into the story from the first page. The hero is Native American which maybe boosts his spiritual gift,  and causes his bosses to be biased against him. The killer is particularly brutal with an obsession nobody seems to understand. Our heroine is carrying her own past, which makes her life difficult.  She needs to pull up her big girl panties and get on with living.
I loved every page of this story. Kathryn Loch is an author who is able to write in many different genres. Contemporary like this and Historical also. I have read many of her books and enjoyed all of them.

Kathryn Loch has been active in the publishing community since 1996. She has actively held offices such as president and treasurer in her local writer's guild. The guild hosts an annual writers conference bringing in respected NY editors, agents and published authors to educate, network, and inform. She published her first novel, Primal Entities: Chaos, a medieval fantasy romance, in 2001 and is now exploring the market with e-books. 

Kathryn is not only an award winning author but a successful table-top gaming miniature painter. While trying to paint the eyeballs on something smaller than your thumb is never easy, Kathryn enjoys the creative endeavors of both industries and challenge they provide.


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This is not released for a few days , but you can pre-order.

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