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The Viscount's Heir (Heirs of Cornwall #2) by Veronica Crowe. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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The Viscount’s Heir: Book 2 of the Heirs of Cornwall Series tells the tale of two stubborn personalities determined to escape the matrimonial trap.

Allayne Carlyle, the only son and heir of Viscount Rose, is in a conundrum. All his friends are happily married, and his mother has decided it is time for him to do the same deed. But Allayne has no intentions of entering the parson's mousetrap. He is wealthy, handsome, and free. The world is at his fingertips. He is not done sowing his wild oats, and frankly, he wants to keep sowing said oats for the next decade. Or two. Why would he want to get leg-shackled, when there are too many alluring widows to bed, and even more beautiful actresses to pursue?

Lady Alexandra Davenport, the only daughter of the Earl of Weston, is in a similar predicament. She has been cleverly avoiding the matrimonial trap, but now that her twenty-fifth birthday has come around, her father has finally put his foot down. He had threatened to confiscate her most treasured possessions: her horse and her pistols if she does not come around and accept one of her many suitors. But Alexandra is in no haste to get betrothed. She would rather spend her days participating in her charities, practicing her shooting and fencing skills, and if truth be told, she could not bear to leave her father and live elsewhere with a husband she doesn't truly adore. Why would she want to marry some wretched man who would take her money, when she is happy and content where she is at?

Unbeknownst to our hero and heroine, their parents have been scheming. What will happen when these two stubborn personalities collide? Will they chase each other with a hatchet, or will the sparks fly?

Join Allayne and Alexandra, as they conquer the mystery of that little word, they have been trying their best to avoid: Love. 


Allayne Carlyle always trying to avoid his mother's matchmaking ideas.  She has coerced him into going to a house party where he will not know anyone. He will soon foil her plans for him.  Our light-hearted hero may soon regret his spontaneous idea. 
Lady Alexandra Davenport is happy as a spinster.  Her life in the country with her hobbies and her father suit her fine.  Her father however is blackmailing her into accepting that she will marry, or else!! Our heroine is looking for a harmless adventure. 
This is a very funny historical romance, full of crazy characters.  A prank that starts innocently could prove life changing.  The story takes quite a few twists and turns.  
Really great fun. 
A special request to our author, 
Please can we have Diana Radcliffe's story when she gets older.  What a great little girl. 


Veronica Crowe is the author of the Heirs of Cornwall series for Dragonblade Publishing.
If you like laugh-out-loud Regency romance full of romantic entanglements, hilarious misadventures, profound, heartfelt moments, and grand happy endings, this series is for you!

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