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Deception In Emeralds (Ransomed Jewels #4) by Laura Landon. Historical Romance Release & ARC review.

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BARNABY LINSCOTT, under orders from the Crown, must apprehend or kill one of England’s most elusive villains. The means to accomplish his mission are anything but clear, but his mind is resolved. The man has already murdered three government agents, and Barnaby vows he will not be the fourth, though he has little to lose. That is, until he meets the partner assigned to carry out his deadly mission.

LADY MILLICENT CHANDLER has lost everything. Her beautiful Cliffside Manor has been burned, her parents, her brother Thomas, and her sister Polly all murdered. When her trusted servants bring her their suspicions that her handsome neighbor is directly involved, she knows exactly what she’ll do. She will accept his proposal of marriage. And take her revenge.


Lord Barnaby Linscott works for the crown.  His mission this time is to find and destroy an arms cache and catch the traitor involved.  The suspect is very intelligent and dangerous.  Barnaby's team have got a way in to the estate that he doesn't like. 
Lady Millicent Chandler has her own reason for working with the government agent.  She will sacrifice anything including her own life to make sure the villain pays for his crimes. 
A very exciting story with lots of twists and turns . Danger and intrigue abound.  Our very brave hero and heroine get lots of big surprises. The ending is totally different to what I expected. 
A fascinating book that I couldn't put down. 


Millicent had tossed and turned for hours, unable to go to sleep. How could she sleep when Barnaby had disappeared? How could she sleep when she didn’t know if he was safe, or lying dead somewhere in the dark?
She held her breath again and listened. Not a sound except the constant settling of a house several hundred years old. She listened again, then threw her covers back and got to her feet.
She refused to open the door and look down the hall. She would not give in to the impulse to go to his room to check if he’d returned without knocking on her door. If he had, she’d be sure to give him a piece of her mind in the morning.
Not that she could have slept anyway. Not after the night she had, suffering Radburn’s company for hours in a ballroom full of people who disapproved of her very presence there.
Millicent’s skin still crawled from his touch, and her temper was still on edge from the way Radburn had paraded her through the ballroom, as if she were some priceless jewel on display.
Even her friends and neighbors who’d come to celebrate her good fortune seemed to have changed their minds by the end of the evening. And the disappointment on the faces of the three men who’d been her father’s closest friends was even more distressing. Oh, how she wanted to pull them aside and tell them that everything they thought about her was a lie.
Her mother’s beautiful face appeared before her, and, without bidding them, tears filled her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. She thought of Polly’s energy and exuberance for life. Knowing that her sister would never experience so many of life’s choicest moments ripped Millicent’s heart from her breast.
And perhaps most painful of all was the loss of her brother. She and Thomas had always been close. No doubt because it had just been the two of them for so long before Polly was born. Or maybe because he had always looked out for her—always been there when she needed him.
She closed her eyes and envisioned his handsome face. He never lacked for female admirers. Never had a shortage of—

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Laura Landon taught high school for ten years before leaving the classroom to open her own ice-cream shop. As much as she loved serving up sundaes and malts from behind the counter, she closed up shop after penning her first novel. Now she spends nearly every waking minute writing, guiding her heroes and heroines to find their happily ever afters.

She is the author of more than a dozen historical novels, including SILENT REVENGE, INTIMATE DECEPTION, and her newest Montlake Romance release, INTIMATE SURRENDER.

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