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The Devils Pride (Wild Beasts #1) by T.Birmingham. Paranormal Romance My Review.

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Thousands of years ago, the Skröm split off from the Light Clans and became Dark. Their greed for blood consumed them. Their once orange eyes bled to red, and they became one of the demons of legend. And when they die, they do not rest. They haunt. They take. They devour. Their souls become Shadows. Darkness. Death.

Alexia Maria Garda-Martinez was born a monster. Red hair. Red eyes. Pale skin. And nowhere to call home. But after years of foster care and state homes, she has finally found her niche. A family. A promising career. And a life that’s fulfilling.

Devon Waters ran from his hometown of Montville, New York fifteen years ago, and he found more than he bargained for. Reunited with his twin brother, a detective in the local police department, Devon doesn’t plan on running again.

When a brutal, ritualistic murder happens right in their little college town, Alexia and Devon are pulled into a world of good versus evil that will have them both questioning who they are. The Skröm and the Shadows are closing in, and Alexia and Devon must join forces to stop the darkness at all costs.

Will Alexia be able to fight her darker instincts, or will the devil inside of her draw her into its seductive web?

Disclaimer: Smexy scenes, kickass heroines, murder, mystery, fantasy...And yes, shifters. Please note that there are some scenes with triggers.


I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

This is the start of a new series where our various paranormal beings live by different rules than we might be used to.  There are also new beings I have never met before.  

Alexia has grown up in the care system since the death of her family.  For a little girl who looks a different as she does that was never going to be easy.  She has found a balance in her life now but that is about to be completely blown out of all recognition.   
Devon Waters is a bear shifter who is trying to reconnect with the brother he left behind when he ran from their home.  His brother is a detective who refuses to believe in anything magical.
There are murders happening in the normally quiet town.  The deaths have a definite magical feel to them.  The new world our characters suddenly find themselves in will carry a lot of trauma for all involved. 
Very exciting with lots of danger,  but also a lot of tears. The different family dynamics are complicated so you need to concentrate.
This is a series that you will have to read in order. 
I look forward to reading the next book in the series. 


T. is an Amazon Bestselling author who creates stories in her wee apartment with a tortoise her nephew calls Yoda, but who she has secretly renamed Hagrid (because Harry Potter is way cool). She's traveled all over but still needs to hit all seven continents. 

In each story she writes, she tries to capture the heart of the characters and the relationships. Some people would say that the story line is the most important. Others would say the grammar. But T. believes that a truly good story has, first and foremost, complex characters and powerful relationships. She writes Urban Fantasy/PNR and really loves the drama and the epic moments that fantasy brings about. Who doesn't love a good dramatic moment or an even better sex or fight scene?

T. lives in New England, is hoping to one day build a log cabin home in the mountains, is still searching for her own Man Bear, and watches Once Upon a Time and Nicolas Sparks movies when she needs to remind herself that fairy tales really do exist.

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