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Indulgence (Taking Chances Series #1) by Jeanne M.McDonald. Sale ONLY 99c.

★´`*´¨`✶.*´* ✶.*´* ✶.*★

Indulgence (Taking Chances Series Book 1)  by @Jeanne.M.McDonald
#OnSale Dec 18-25 2016 ONLY $0.99
#TakeAChance #ComeIndulge

Each stolen touch not only reminded me of my nakedness, but left me hungry, wanting more. The ache between my legs was unbearable. Wetness coated my thighs.

Hosted by world-renowned erotic romance author, Sebastian Hawk, exposed anonymity is the name of the game. The rules are simple: all guests are required to remain nude for the duration of the event, except for a mask to hide one’s identity, and everyone must partake in at least one salacious delight.

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