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His Lordship´s Wild Highland Bride. (Those Magnificent Malverns)by Kathleen Bittner Roth . ARC review, Excerpt & $15 G.C.Giveaway.

His Lordship’s Wild Highland Bride
Those Magnificent Malverns #3
By: Kathleen Bittner Roth
Releasing December 12, 2016
Entangled Scandalous

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A match made for mayhem.

“I’ve no intention of mating with this poor excuse of a man,” Lainie MacGregor declares after reciting her wedding vows. But it’s too late. Far from her beloved Highlands, her fate is sealed.

Ridley Malvern, Lord Caulfield, desperate for her dowry, agrees to marry a wealthy Scot’s daughter sight unseen. He is unaware his tantalizing bride is running from the law. Despite their sizzling attraction, all Lainie desires is to return to her clan. Attempting to make things right, Caulfield takes his wife back to the Highlands only to discover why her father sought the marriage—Lainie is wanted for murder. For her safekeeping, they must remain in England. Now Ridley needs to win her affections and prove that a wild Highland lass and an English lord, can find a love match, after all.


Ridley Malvern,  Lord Caulfield is marrying a woman he has never set eyes on because he desperately needs the dowry that comes with her.  He made friends with her father on a ship returning from  America.  He never thought to ask why the Scotsman is so eager for the match. 
Lainie McGregor has been rushed out of Scotland and into marriage with a stranger to save her from the hangman.  She has been convicted of murder and can never return home. 
Our heroine is terribly lonely and missing her home and family.  Surrounded by strangers and ashamed of her own behaviour,  she lashes out at everyone. 
Our hero is carrying a heavy load of guilt and a big secret.  Taking advantage of the beautiful and sad woman who is now his wife, just makes it worse. 
An emotional and at times funny story.  The big and boisterous families make for lots of lovely characters.  I especially love mum.  I would love to read her story.  Lots more stories to come from this series. I hope.  A very enjoyable book. 



Ridley Malvern, Lord Caulfield—given the title of baron by the queen for saving her favorite son from drowning—was about to marry a total stranger.
He stood at the altar of the small chapel located on his parents’ estate, doing his best to appear the eager groom. As the organist played the first notes of a tune he failed to recognize, and his heavily veiled bride started down the aisle on the arm of her strapping older brother, Ridley’s gut wrenched. It was all he could do to keep from bolting. His eldest brother, Lord Eastleigh, stood beside him acting the part of groomsman. Eastleigh tilted his head toward Ridley and spoke through his teeth. “Do you think she might resemble her sibling?”
“God, I hope not. Look at his hair and beard, would you? They’re so orange and thick, he could hide a carrot with none being the wiser.”
Eastleigh’s lips twitched. “I doubt she sports a beard. But then, one never—”
“Sod off.”
Jamie MacGregor strode down the aisle with his sister on his arm as if heading into battle, his red and green plaid kilt fluttering about his bare knees. He was a broad-shouldered man with legs thick as tree trunks. A small knife tucked into the top of MacGregor’s heavy knit stocking reminded Ridley that a Scot was always prepared.
Ridley let out a soft groan. “Why the bloody hell did I agree to this charade?”
“Because you were too bloody stubborn to accept my offer of a loan.”
“Bugger me.”
“Thank you, no.”
When he’d been swimming in wealth, Ridley had halfheartedly engaged London’s ton in his quest for a proper wife, yet none had met his stringent requirements. Now that he’d lost everything he’d worked so hard to achieve, he was about to wed Lainie Margaret MacGregor, a Highland lass he’d never set eyes on until this very moment. He had to remind himself that the marriage would make him fabulously wealthy.

But at what price—my soul?

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Kathleen Bittner Roth creates passionate stories featuring characters faced with difficult choices, and who are forced to draw on their strength of spirit to overcome adversity and find unending love. Her own fairy tale wedding in a Scottish castle led her to her current residence in Budapest, Hungary, considered one of Europe’s most romantic cities. However, she still keeps one boot firmly in Texas and the other in her home state of Minnesota. A PAN member of Romance Writers of America®, she was a 2012 Golden Heart® finalist.

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