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Stone : A Time To Love. by Mardi Maxwell. Sci-Fi/ Futuristic Romance. ARC Review.

In 2230 Earth was invaded by an alien species. After years of war, the men are gone and the women are left to fight for the survival of the human race. When one of the aliens’ time travel devices is discovered a task force is formed to bring some of Earth’s most elite soldiers into the future.

Lieutenant Sunny Blake is ordered to travel back to 2125 and retrieve Lieutenant Jefferson W. Stone. Sunny can lead a squad of fighters and keep them alive, but she’s never had to deal with a man like Stone. A man whose reputation on and off the battlefield has proceeded him into the twenty-third century.

Stone has two interests. High-risk missions and lust-filled nights of pleasure with the many ladies who pursue him. Finding himself thrust into the future, where the women know how to fight but don’t know what to do with a lusty man, is the last place he’d ever want to be. 

This is a futuristic /Sci-fi romance. It is set in the year 2230. Earth has been invaded by aliens, and what is left of the human race are living in bunkers.  The atmosphere is contaminated and all males ,animal and human are dead.
Lieutenant Sunlyn Blake is one of the soldiers. The council have given her a very special task. To go back in time and rescue elite soldiers just before they die, and bring them into the future. 
First Lieutenant Jefferson Stone is pinned down and wounded. His chances of survival are nil. When he wakes up he whole life is changed.
A very good action/adventure, with some laughs along with lots of danger. Our hero is far too full of himself, and incredibly bossy. He is also very sexy. Our heroine is a strong kick ass, independent woman. She will not allow anyone to hurt her. She has suffered enough.
A very entertaining read, and the start of a good series.

I love the quirky and the unique. I believe in UFOs, ghosts, and that we have a moon station on the dark side of the moon. 
I've loved reading since I was a little girl although just about every book I ever read I rewrote in my mind. After a while I decided to just start writing my own books. My best friend dared me to send one in, so I did and to my surprise it was accepted. 
I love books that make you laugh, cry, sit on the edge of your chair in fear that the couple won't work it out, and then finally cheer for them when they do. I'm a true believer in a happy ending and won't read a book or watch a movie that ends any other way. 
I write every day but I always find time to spend with my family and friends as well as my hobbies (cooking, gardening, traveling, and ceramics). 
My personal motto is "Regret is a wasted emotion." Live well and happy reading.

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