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Call of The Raven. by Amanda Balfour. Historical Romance. My Review.

Bethia MacKenzie is a young woman with a secret who is caught between two men. The one man, Ross Cameron, knows her secret and pursues her relentlessly to the point of destroying everything she holds dear. The other man, Morgan MacLeod, is drawn to the bewitching Highland lass and willing to defend her with his life. Bethia must come to grips with the curse of her second sight that threatens to destroy her and stop her world from spinning out of control. 

How can Morgan defeat the powerful Ross Cameron and keep his promise to the dying Malcolm MacKenzie? How can Bethia's father save Raven's Wood? How can Bethia save herself and find the love of a lifetime. 


Morgan MacLeod is returning home when he comes across a man on the brink of death. He asks Morgan to travel to his family to tell them of his death and help protect them.
Bethia Mackenzie has the sight, and it has brought nothing but trouble all her life. A nearby Laird has decided she will be his wife, so that he can benefit from her visions. This Laird will stop at nothing to possess her, including destroy her family.
This story has lots of highland adventure and danger. Our heroine takes to much responsibility for the actions of others.  She is incredibly stubborn and has a terrible temper. Our hero must battle against a very powerful and wicked man, and not always getting cooperation from the one he is trying to save.
A very entertaining read.

I write under the pseudonym of Amanda Balfour. I was born in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. I met my husband, a Canadian, while skiing in Montana. We have lived in many different locations across the United States and Canada. We finally settled in beautiful, wild and wonderful West Virginia.

I have always enjoyed history and reading all genres. Until recently I was employed by a major bank in its IT department as a network analyst. I am enjoying having enough time to do research and work on my stories.

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