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Beast: Great Bloodlines Converge. ( De Russe Legacy #3) by Kathryn Le Veque.

The blood lines of seven great houses come together in the greatest knight of them all. Prepare yourself for the BEAST. 

Editorial reviews: "This is truly vintage Le Veque. This is the type of book that put her in the forefront of Medieval Romance writers. There is love, romance, political intrigue, knights fighting, knights drinking and laughing, a king that will grow up right in front of you. There is drama, suspense, silliness, honor, chivalry, love and legend." 

He bears the name of de Russe, but the bloodlines of seven great houses converge in the greatest knight England has yet seen. As the uncle of Gaston de Russe, the Dark One, Sir Bastien de Russe beholds a great and terrible legacy, one that makes him both the target and the leader, the hunter and the hunted. His story is the most powerful of all. 

1431 A.D. - As the premier knight for the Duke of Bedford, Bastian has been assigned a great and terrible task - he becomes the jailer for the Maid of Orleans, Joan of Arc. At first her enemy, he comes to know the woman who has fought so hard to free France from English rule, and an odd but symbiotic friendship grows. On the day Joan is taken to meet her death at the stake, Bastian is both her escort and her comfort. But before the flames are lit, Joan begs Bastian for one last favor. Reluctantly, he complies, but the rumors are already flying fast and furious about the English knight and the Maid. Some say he loves her; some say she has bewitched him. 

Hoping to remove Bastian from France and from whatever spell the Maid may have cast upon him,the Duke of Bedford makes arrangements to return him to England and to a new assignment - as the protector of young King Henry VI. Additionally, Bastian is awarded a bride for his services in France, but it an award he doesn't want. His bride, Lady Gisella le Bec, daughter of the great Richmond le Bec (from the novel GREAT PROTECTOR), has no desire to marry a man who was rumored bewitched by the Maid of Orleans. With neither Bastian or Gisella having any choice in the matter, a hasty marriage is made. 

Thus begins their saga. 

Through triumph, intrigue, battles, and grief, Bastian and Gisella come to know one another and in spite of everything, a powerful love begins to bloom. But Bastian still has a promise to fulfill, a promise he made to the Maid just before she died, and it is this promise that drives him to risk both his life and Gisella's. From the dungeons of Rouen to the royal halls of London, don't miss this deeply romantic and exciting adventure.

Great passion and great benevolence abide in the man known as the BEAST. 

Bastian de Russe is the last jailor of the Maid. He has been disgusted with the way the young woman has been treated during her questioning and imprisonment.  Because he has tried his best to be fair to her, he has been accused of having a deeper relationship with her. Consequently he is being sent back to England for a duty that is not worthy of his talents.
His overlords insist he takes a bride.  He has no interest in marriage but cannot refuse.
Gisella le Bec is a beautiful woman who has been ordered to wed the Beast. There are unsavoury rumours about him, but like her husband to be, she must obey those in positions of power.
The bloodlines these two have are from the greatest knights England has ever known. There are a lot of dangerous political pitfalls that come with being so close to the crown, especially when said crown is worn by a boy surrounded by advisors who have their own interests to protect.
Once again our author transports us to a place full of adventure and romance. Although this is not a typical romance. Our hero would be horrified to be called romantic, (he is of course) .Our heroine is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. She has spent her formative years in the political arena and can see pitfalls that her warrior husband might miss.  I would advise you to have a box of tissues handy when you read this. I cried a lot in places. This is medieval adventure romance at it's absolute best. 

Kathryn Le Veque is one of Amazon's top selling Historical Romance authors, consistently ranked in the top 100 for Historical novels. She has a dominant presence in the Medieval Romance category with 17 novels on Amazon's Top 100 Medieval Romance rankings. Overall, she has 40 novels published on Amazon for Kindle and several offered in paperback.

Kathryn has been featured regularly on Kindle Nation, Coastal Conversations, Confessions of Romaholics, Goodreads, and a host of other blogs and websites highlighting her novels. Kathryn is an award-winning author and has legions of dedicated fans all over the world.

Kathryn's Medieval Historicals have been called 'detailed', 'passionate', and 'character-rich'. She believes that total immersion in a time period is essential to creating the perfect story. More than that, she writes for both women AND men - an unusual crossover for a romance author - and Kathryn has many male readers who enjoy her stories because of the action and adventure. Kathryn is a strong believer in a true and powerful storyline, full of action and passion, that can stand the test of both sexes.

Although Kathryn's passion is her Medievals, she is very proficient at writing Contemporary Adventure Romances and one of her novels. "Fires of Autumn", received over 50,000 downloads on Bookbub in a two day period. Additionally, one of her novels, "Lady of Heaven", is currently being adapted into a screenplay.

Kathryn has been described as a reader's writer - she knows what readers like and she writes from the heart. Read Kathryn Le Veque's novels and fall in love again... and again... and again....

Kathryn is the author of 38 novels and counting.

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