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Midnight Run. ( Midnight #2) by Lisa Marie Rice. Re-Released +ARC Review.

Claire Parks has been very sick, but she's fine now—just fine—and ready to paint the town red. Well, pink. On her first excursion into the wild world of dating, she nets Bud, a tall, sexy, good-looking lumberjack. She won him fair and square, her prize for not dying. But after a weekend of wild sex, she discovers he's not what she thinks he is.

Undercover police officer Lieutenant Tyler "Bud" Morrison can't believe his eyes. What's a 'princess' doing in a dance club known for its rough trade? She needs rescuing, and rescuing women is what Bud does best. He saw Claire first—finders keepers. After a weekend of the hottest sex he's ever had, he's definitely keeping this one. When trouble comes her way, he pulls out all the stops to protect her. Except Claire doesn't want Bud at her back. She wants him in her bed.


Lieutenant Tyler 'Bud' Morrison is a homicide detective.  He is undercover in a rough nightclub  hoping for information from a snitch. He is after a man high up in organized crime. However he is distracted by a woman who doesn't belong in a place like this.
Claire Parks has just managed to break away from the over protective bubble her illness and a loving father have kept her in for most of her life. She has got a new job and an apartment of her own. A night out to a club with a friend from work is quite an experience for her.
This is a very sexy story. Our hero is exactly that in every sense of the word. Our heroine might be an innocent in the big wide world, but she is a lot stronger than anyone gives her credit for.
There is the danger from a case that makes them both learn who the other really is.
An enjoyable book with characters that will be in the others in the series.

Lisa Marie Rice is eternally 30 years old and will never age. She is tall and willowy and beautiful. Men drop at her feet like ripe pears. She has won every major book prize in the world. She is a black belt with advanced degrees in archaeology, nuclear physics, and Tibetan literature. She is a concert pianist. Did I mention her Nobel Prize? Of course, Lisa Marie Rice is a virtual woman and exists only at the keyboard when writing erotic romance. She disappears when the monitor winks off.


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