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Alien Warrior´s Mate. (Draconians ) by Scarlett Grove. My Review.

She's looking for a job, not a mate ... but fate has other ideas. 

Loretta Franklin hasn't paid much attention to Draconians, the dragon shifter aliens who've come to Earth looking for human mates. She's been too busy getting her MBA so she can take care of her grandmother and younger siblings.

But when she comes to NYC from Alabama for an interview, anti-Draconian terrorists attack the building she's in. They want the dragon shifters to leave forever, and they don't care who they kill.

Fortunately for Loretta, Draconian commandos come to the rescue. And their leader, General Mylash Shin, might be intimidating--but he's also the sexiest male, human or alien, she's ever encountered.

Mylash is certain the curvy human is his mate, and urges her to take the DNA test to prove it. Loretta finds the seven-foot-tall warrior hard to resist ... but she doesn't want to leave her planet and her family. Can the general win his most important campaign ever, and persuade Loretta that he's worth it?

Loretta Franklin has just graduated university and is looking for her first real job in the financial district of New York. When terrorists attack the building her life will change forever.
General Mylash Shin is the leader of the Draconian commandos. The Draconians have come to Earth looking for human females to mate with. They have very few females on their world.
Not everyone on Earth is happy about the Aliens being here. They are much further advanced than humans. The technology that they have shared in exchange for mating rights have caused lots of problems.
I love these Draconians.  A sexy sci-fi, that introduces us to what is obviously going to be a great series. Our heroine is strong enough to be herself in very difficult situation. Our hero is almost invincible,  with a very soft center.  A good fun read.

Scarlett Grove is a Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance Author.
Between writing books she's wrangling two and four legged babies around the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. With a lifetime love of fantasy and science fiction adventure, Scarlett lets her imagination soar in her sexy romance stories. She loves the heat of an alpha hero and a strong heroine falling madly in love.


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