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The Secrets of Whitestone Manor.( The Winters Family Series #1). By Brittany Jo James. My Review.

Some secrets are too dark to ever be brought into the light.
At least mine are.
My name is Orson Winters, and you already know too much for me to let you walk away.
A decade has passed since my parents were killed , forcing my younger siblings and me to move in with our estranged uncle. Whitestone Manor in all its grandeur was overwhelming enough. Then, we learned the family secret.
There´s darkness in the world no one, besides a handful of fighting families , even know exists. The Winters family is the most acclaimed of them all . However, power isn´t always pleasurable, especially considering that it´s my responsibility to keep my reckless brothers and sister from jeopardizing us all.
When an old enemy emerges from the shadows, Uncle Sebastian calls in another fighting family to assist. I didn´t need their help , I could independently protect my siblings and the rest of the world from danger. That was, until I met Lilith Shaw. Now I´m not even sure that I can protect myself.
I can´t focus on that though.
I´m the last one standing between you and those who wait in the darkness.
If you can keep a secret , I´ll tell you my story. 


After the deaths of their parents Orson, his two brother's and his sister are taken to Whitestone.  This is the home of his uncle that their father walked away from to attempt to give his family a normal life. The family business is much more than the copper mine, that just supplies the wealth.
The siblings lead a strictly organised life, because their real job will be to protect the innocent from the Sons of the Serpent. 
Another family of fighters come to help out with a large group.  Lilith is a very independent woman,  used to fighting and looking after herself.  When Orson tries his over protective attitude with her , she has to put him right.
This is a story that gives us ordinary people doing a heroic job. How they keep the things they do from the authorities is a bit of a mystery. Lots of fights, danger and plenty of emotion. I look forward to the next in the series. 


Hi there !
So I´m Brittany Jo James.
I´m a military wife, mother of two boys, author of a few books, child of Almighty God. Oklahoma girl trying to survive in Alaska, owner of a Shar-Pei and a toy Pomeranian, smiling -makes-me -happy type of person.
Yeah, That´s about it. Read my books !  :)

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