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The Lost Centurion By Monica La Porta. My ARC review.

Marcus has sworn to avenge his wife´s death -- even if it takes an eternity to hunt down the vampire who murdered her. Once a Roman Centurion , Marcus is now immortal and , for the past two thousand years impervious to human emotions. Until the night he rescues Diana,,,
Diana knew nothing of the paranormal world until her transformation into a vampling, a newborn vampire entirely reliant for survival upon the distant and seemingly emotionless Centurion, who found her in the throes of changing.Her protector turned her without her consent, but at his untimely death , she becomes the distant and cold immortal´s responsibility.
The entire vampire community is determined to kill Marcus as he protects one of their own. While Marcus and Diana travel the Italian countryside , being chased by their enemies.Marcus must choose between avenging his dead wife or saving Diana from the same vampire who ruined his life.Will the power of love win over his desire for revenge? Bewitched by the Amalfi moon, he soon discovers life might surprise him.


Marcus has been searching for the Vampire Claudius for more than two thousand years, he blames him for the death of his wife. When he goes to talk to an informant the man has been ambushed. After the fighting is finished Marcus finds himself having to look after a vampling.
Diana has no clue what has happened. She was with a client who had been looking after her since she was diagnosed with cancer. When she woke up she is battered,  bruised and covered in blood.
Marcus is an Immortal, the God Apollo gave him the curse of Eternal life.  Now he must suffer the loneliness ,and try to exact revenge.
The rules in this "world" are a little different than the normal vampire stories. Our hero suffers from a bit of self pity. Made me want to kick him at times. Our heroine on the other hand is a woman who has known true suffering, and how to dig deep to find the courage to survive. It is a very complicated love story, with lots of emotional and physical battles. It is set in present day Rome, with short detours into the past of Marcus's memories. 

Monica La Porta is an Italian who landed in Seattle several years ago.Despite popular feelings about the northwest weather , she finds the mist and the rain perfect conditions to write. 

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