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A Noble Betrayal (Brotherhood of the Border #1) by Cecelia Mecca. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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“I would protect you from your own father, from the king of England himself. If only I could trust you.”

Forced to marry the daughter—and would-be secret agent—of King Edward’s closest advisor as a consequence of His Majesty’s growing distrust of his family, Lord Waryn has a plan for his new bride. Install the spy in a little-used estate and turn his attention back to where it belongs—his family.

Lady Phillipa is given a simple but nonnegotiable task: report back any questionable activity by her new husband’s family, whom the king suspects of having ties to William Wallace. When Phillipa develops unexpected feelings toward Haydn, she’s forced to decide between her newfound loyalty to her husband, or defying the most powerful man in England.

Thirty years after the Border Series ends, a new saga of family, loyalty, and love along the turbulent Anglo-Scottish border begins. If you like sprawling families, enemies-to-lovers and slow-burn spicy romances, put A Noble Betrayal on the top of your reading list.


Lord Hayden Waryn lives on the border of England and Scotland.  Like many of his neighbours he has family on both sides.  The English King is suspicious and decides to force a marriage between Lord Waryn and an advisor's daughter.  Hayden knows she will be a spy. 
Lady Phillipa is just as unhappy about the marriage, but daughters have no choice but to obey without question. 
Our characters set out on a long and interesting journey full of discoveries.  Trust is a very difficult thing to give a stranger. 
Great characters and lots of emotional moments.  
I loved it.  


Cecelia Mecca is the author of steamy historical romance that transports readers to the middle ages. A former English teacher, Cecelia combines two of her passions, romance novels and the middle ages, transporting readers to an admittedly romanticized time of knights and castles. Her first series, set along the Anglo-Scottish border in 13th century Northumbria, turned Cecelia from educator to full-time author. Readers love the Border Series for its focus on well-developed characters and their steamy relationships leading to satisfying happily ever afters. Cecelia lives in Northeast, Pennsylvania with her husband and two young children where she can be found either planning a Disney trip, watching period dramas or convincing her children to watch Star Wars. She is firmly House Stark and Gryffindor.

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