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Thoroughly in Love (Aldbey Park #1) by Chantry Dawes. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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A beautiful young widow trying to save her estate.
A murderer determined to ruin her.
A duke in disguise who has vowed to get to the bottom of it all.
And a life changing kiss...

Welcome to book 1 in a fabulous new series titled Aldbey Park from the very talented Chantry Dawes!

Widowed at a young age, Lady Amelia Darley is left struggling to save her estate ever since her husband died in a suspicious riding accident. She has only the dwindling sales from the thoroughly bred horses that Aldbey Park is known for, for her home is where one of the first Thoroughbred horses was bred so long ago. And now it has been left in a woman’s hands for the first time. Lady Amelia’s hands.

Lady Amelia does not care if the men of the Ton do not think she should be training horses or wearing breeches. It seems that there are those among the Ton that will do whatever it takes to see Lady Amelia Darley fail so they can take her estate and her prized Thoroughbreds.

Are they the same men responsible for her husband’s death?

Enter Alexander Godolphin Hawke, the Duke of Leids. He has returned to England to collect a debt from Aldbey Park from horses sold before the war. He is battle hardened and unrecognizable after being away fighting wars for so many years.

He is surprised to find that Lord Darley is dead, and it is his beautiful young widow that has been stubbornly trying to manage all the work of the estate and its stables. He soon realizes that not only are the estate’s horses in danger, but Lady Amelia is, as well.

Can Amelia trust Alexander enough to tell him her plan? Can the two of them keep each other from harm while falling thoroughly in love with one another?


Widowed, Lady Amelia Darley is determined to keep her horse stables running and her daughters in the estate they all love. Her husband left her the estate but also a huge amount of debt. Our heroine has more danger to face.  Even the horses will not be safe. 
Alexander Hawke,  Duke of Leids has returned from years away.  On his way home he will collect the money for the horses sold before the war.  Unfortunately there is a mystery to solve before he can collect.  Working undercover he will solve it.  
This is a marvelous historical romance with wonderful characters.  All the females are brave,  hardworking and talented.  I especially loved Auntie Eggs.  Our hero is a little sneaky, but with an honourable reason.  The horses are very special, thoroughly bred for heart.  
A very exciting story that is the start of a series.  I will definitely be reading the rest.  
I loved it.  


 This seems to be a debut novel as I can´t find any Bio for her. 

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