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Lord of Forever (Lords of the Borders #3) by Mary Gillgannon. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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An ambitious English knight. A beautiful Welshwoman. A few fateful moments in a hidden forest glade spark a love passionate love. But is it strong enough to survive violent rivalries, deadly politics and two cunning, scheming royals?

As the second son of a minor baron, English knight Nicholas Breutel will never inherit the family lands. But he vows to rise high and someday control a castle. His ambitions go awry when he captures a young Welsh warrior who turns out to be a beautiful woman.

Cristyn ferch Hywel is certain the terrifying knight looming over her intends to rape or murder her. She’s astonished when he treats her with courtesy and concern. And even more surprised by the sense of connection she feels growing between them.

Nicholas yearns to protect Cristyn, but as a knight in the garrison at Carwent Castle, there is little he can do but involve himself in the negotiations for her ransom. Then the Welsh double-cross the negotiators and Nicholas ends up a hostage himself.

While Nicholas languishes in a Welsh prison, Cristyn becomes a pawn in the plans of Llywelyn ap Ioworth, the most powerful prince in Wales. It will take the king’s degree, a violent battle, a risky escape and a desperate journey before the two lovers will have any hope of fulfilling their dreams and knowing a forever love.


Sir Nicholas Breutel is an ambitious man.  As a second son it's up to him to find a way to improve his status.  He is prepared to take every opportunity.  The Welsh border will give him that chance. 
Cristyn ferch Hywel lost her original betrothed and is now at the mercy of the strained politics in Wales.  With her countrymen always fighting between themselves nowhere seems safe.  
When kings or princes are plotting power struggles,  the ordinary men and women are just pawns to be used as they please.  
This is a medieval romance with lovely characters that take really unexpected risks at the most dangerous places.  
This is part of a series but each book can easily be read alone. 
I loved it.  


I write romance novels set in the dark ages, medieval and English Regency time periods and fantasy and historical novels with Celtic influences. My books have been published in Russia, China, the Netherlands and Germany. I was raised in the Midwest but I’ve lived in Wyoming for over thirty years. I work at a public library where I have the enviable job of ordering adult fiction. I’m married and have two grown children, When not working or writing, I enjoy gardening, traveling and reading, of course!

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