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Tears of a Rose, by Remontae Brown. Fiction R Rated Book Tour.

Title: Tears of a Rose
Author: Remontae Brown
Genre: Fiction R Rated
Release Date: June 15, 2020
Living in one of the finest mansions in Boston, life for Lauren couldn’t get any better. Looking good. Feeling good. Married to the love of her life Michael Wilson, a handsome, intelligent and extremely wealthy businessman who’s career is beginning to reach new heights. 

Then comes a beautiful young lady with a mysterious past named Allison who threatens to derail it all. The feeling of something new entices Michael. He slowly becomes detached with his marriage while Lauren becomes enraged with the sudden deceitfulness of his affair. Suddenly, before Lauren can grasp the immediate changes in her life, bodies start to drop and life as Lauren once knew it seems to be all crashing down...or does it?

Red and blue lights reflected beautifully in the bright New York snow as police cars filled the crowded streets. Dozens of bystanders gathered as yellow tape was used to mark off the crime scene. Face down in the snow laid a man completely naked gasping for air as paramedics attempted to perform CPR. “Sir, sir, can you hear me?” Detective Bolden spoke. “Detective Bolden!” An officer spoke. “What you got for me?” He asked. “Just spoke to an individual who claimed to have seen a black car fleeing the scene.” “A black car? Is that all? You know how many black cars there are in this city.” “I’m aware sir.” The officer spoke. “I guess some information is better than none at all. Thank you officer.”

Remontae Brown is a 29 year old newly inspired author who’s looking to make a name for himself within the writing industry. Mr. Brown also has a degree in Business Management and a love for sports. The nephew of former NFL Star (Andre Rison).


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