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Heroan (The Hale Gunslingers #1) by Casey Bering. Dystopian, Western Book Tour & Excerpt.

Title: Heroan
Series: The Hale Gunslingers Book 1
Author: Casey Bering
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Dystopian, Western
Release Date: June 1, 2020
Trust is a tricky thing when you're a woman who hunts killers for a living.
When 23-year-old gunslinger Cameron Hale sets out to track down her mother’s killer, she's determined to stop him on her own. After months of dead end leads and nothing to show for her efforts, she’s torn between staying on the monster's trail and following her instincts in a different direction.
Cameron has spent her entire life keeping her gunslinger lineage a secret, and she has everything under control, right up until she runs into Luke, a former soldier with a magnetic personality. Something about the man calls to Cameron, but her distrustful nature keeps her from letting her guard down, especially when she discovers Luke has his own score to settle with her target.
When the killer she’s hunting turns his sights on her sisters, the race is on to get to him before he destroys everything she holds dear. Teaming up with Luke might be Cameron’s best chance of saving her family, but only if trusting him doesn’t get her killed first.
Set in an alternate history dystopian western world.

Cameron’s head throbbed as she tried to get a sense of her surroundings. It was pitch black, thanks to the strip of cloth covering her eyes. Despite the rising noise from a small crowd, searing its way into the base of her pounding skull like a hot poker, she didn’t move a muscle. “What should we do with her?” an old man asked. His voice was a strange mix of brittle and croak. “Find out how much she knows.” The smooth male response was equal parts condescending and amused. “You can play with her, a little, but don’t kill her.” Cameron’s whole body broke out in gooseflesh at the sound. Declan, she thought. She’d heard his voice only once, when she was a child. It was little more than a distant rumble at the time, scattered across the open yard by a freezing, swirling breeze, but she was sure it was him. The old man mumbled something under his breath. “Merle, if she dies in your care, I’ll come back here and pull you apart piece by tiny little piece. Until there’s nothing left of you but bloody stumps and wails of agony. Got it?” “Yes. Yes, sir. I’m sorry,” Merle quailed. “Good. I have plans for this little lady,” Declan taunted as cold fingertips brushed across Cameron’s cheeks.
Casey lives in Western Colorado with her husband and their pack of rowdy rescue dogs. She enjoys reading a little bit of everything, but she has a fondness for immersive and emotionally engaging science fiction, dystopian, post-apoc, speculative fiction, and romance.
When she's not writing or working at her day job in a machine shop, you can usually find her out walking with one of her dogs, hiking with her other half, or doing just about anything that gives her a reason to ignore her phone.

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