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What Happens in Piccadilly (The Hellion Club #3) by Chasity Bowlin. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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There's no such thing as just a kiss...

Chaos! That is what greets Miss Calliope St. James when she enters the household of her prospective employer, Lord Winn Hamilton, the Earl of Montgomery. The newly appointed guardian for his nieces and nephew, he's clearly a man who has no idea what to do with children... and they are children who clearly know when the adults in charge haven't a clue what they're doing. But he is handsome. Terribly, temptingly handsome, even when he's maddening.

Winn thought it was bad enough when his home was overrun with children hell-bent on driving him insane. Then, their new governess arrived... and she looks like no governess he's ever seen. Distractingly beautiful, maddeningly forthright, frustratingly capable—he's equal parts attracted to her and infuriated by her.

And then he sees the portrait... the portrait that changes everything. Because Calliope St. James isn't just the abandoned and unwanted child of unknown parents, as she's always been led to believe. If Calliope is who he thinks she is, she's very, very wealthy, and there are powerful people in the highest reaches of society who want her very, very dead.

To keep her safe, he'll have to keep her close, and that presents them both with an entirely different sort of danger. 


Miss Calliope St.James is astounded by what she finds at the home of the Earl of Montgomery. She expected the three children because,  after all,  she is a governess.  What she didn't expect is utter chaos.
Lord Winn Hamilton, the Earl of Montgomery doesn't know if he's coming or going.  So much of his life has changed recently.  Not only did his father die, but his younger brother and his wife.  Now he has his brother's three young children to cope with. Even his servants are misbehaving.  
This is a really fun story.  There are giggles,  heartbreak and even danger for our heroine.  Family is not something she knows about from personal experience but she does know how to help the children.  
This is part of a series of stand alone books.  
Emotional and fun.


Chasity Bowlin lives in central Kentucky with her husband and their menagerie of animals. She loves writing, loves traveling and enjoys incorporating tidbits of her actual vacations into her books. She is an avid Anglophile, loving all things British, but specifically all things Regency. 

Growing up in Tennessee, spending as much time as possible with her doting grandparents, soap operas were a part of her daily existence, followed by back to back episodes of Scooby Doo. Her path to becoming a romance novelist was set when, rather than simply have her Barbie dolls cruise around in a pink convertible, they time traveled, hosted lavish dinner parties and one even had an evil twin locked in the attic. 

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