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Island Heir, by J. Haney & S.I. Hayes. Interracial Contemporary Romance Release & Excerpt.

Title: Island Heir
Authors: J. Haney & S.I. Hayes 
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 1, 2020
Left at the altar on her wedding day, Autumn Elizabeth Ashley, angry and broken hearted takes off on what should have been her Honeymoon with her Maid of Honor and best friend Nadia Havarti. Autumn tries to just drown her sorrows, but Nadia won’t stand for it. Instead, she helps Autumn to remember what single is supposed to feel like. So, when a strapping mountain of unidentified local man shows interest, Autumn takes a cue from her BFF with the repercussions to match. Dalian Emeterio grew up between worlds. His family moved from their Pious and beautiful home in Georgetown, Cayman Islands to the United States when he was just a boy. Memories of his birthplace lead him to dream of one day opening a place on the island letting him take care of the parents that worked so hard for him. One winter night while working at a Rum Point Hotel he meets Beth and the sparks fly leading to an explosive New Year. Waking alone on the sand he thought he’d never see her again. Ten years have passed, he is now the owner of The Georgetown Heirs, a chain of intimate hotels along the most popular Port of Calls in the Caribbean, Bahamas and the Western Atlantic. Faced with the woman who left him on the beach, he’s about to find out that getting what you wish for always comes with strings.

I shower and toss on a tan button-down, white tank, and green cotton knee-length shorts. I had thought about jeans, but today it is supposed to be hot. I top it off with my straw hat and sandals before heading back to the main villa. By the time I finish the walkthrough, it’s almost lunchtime, and I’m starving. I make my way to the kitchen to catch Mama as she is overseeing the cooking. 
“You having fun, Mama?”
“Oh, yes. The fish stew be a little salty, but we’re remedying that now. All is well. You look good, now sit, and I’ll bring the conch and Mahi-Mahi.”
I nod and head for the bar. This is my first vacation type day, so a drink is in order. I order a tropical pain killer, I love the touch of nutmeg, and pineapple mixed with rum and coconut. It’s tasty without looking like a girly drink.
Mama brings out my food and then smiles, pointing past me. “There’s one from the Grande Family now.” She waves, and I’m looking at that blonde! Her eyes bug out of her head, and she moves in a slinking fashion. Like she’s trying to hide. I follow her with my eyes, and she sits with a couple of kids, two young men, and a brunette, who’s just taking off a floppy hat. “Aren’t they all just pretty?” Mama adds.
“Yeah…” I draw out the words as the brunette adjusts her sundress straps. My eyes sail down her form and rest on her legs. She’s got stems for days. Now it’s time for me to bug out as I see an anchor anklet tattoo.
I nearly knock over my chair as I jump the bar. 
“Boy, what you do, lose your head?” My Mama scolds as I pop my nose on the bar.
“It can’t be.” I whisper, snaking around crouched.
“Dalian, you get off that floor, or I’ll mop it with ya.”
“Yes, Mama. I um- I gotta go!” I freak and grabbing my plate. I high tail it to the kitchen. I mean, just because the only woman you can see yourself ever love is in your hotel isn’t any reason to starve. ~ Dalian



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