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The Sutherland Devil (The Sinclair Jewels #3) by Caroline Lee. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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She'll become a squire to search for the Sinclair jewels…even if her new master is the very Devil himself!

Everyone in the Highlands knows three things about the Sutherland laird:

1) He's got more bastards than he can count.
2) He's already buried three wives.
3) He's the very Devil himself.

Which is why, when Saffy—one of the Sinclair Jewels—finds evidence that her family's missing brooch is in the Sutherland Devil's possession, she's certain she's taking her life into her own hands to reclaim it. She's the scholar in the family, not the warrior…but how hard could it be to don a pair of braies, lop off her hair, and approach the Sutherlands as a lad?

She hadn't planned on being accused of spying and thrown into the dungeons to starve!

Merrick Sutherland is harried from all sides: his alliances are falling apart, his children are adorable monsters, and his illegitimate brother has declared war in an attempt to claim his title. The last thing he needs is a distraction in the form of a lippy little cross-dresser, but that's what he gets when he drags his new prisoner up from the dungeons. Is she a spy? The best way to learn her secrets is to keep her close, so Merrick makes “Saf” his squire, without revealing what he's already learned.

Thrust into a sensual game of wits with her new master, Saffy is surprised to learn that what everyone knows about him isn't quite true. As his squire, she's in a prime position to search for the missing Sinclair jewels, and she's willing to go through the very Devil himself to find them.

But will she lose her heart in the process?


Sapphire Sinclair is one of four sisters named after the jewels in the original family brooch.  That wents missing years ago and legend has it that it needs to be recovered for the Clan to flourish.  The girls have uncovered some clues and one of the jewels so far,  they are hunting for more.  With all the other sisters busy it's up to Saffy to follow the latest clue into the Devil's lair. 
Laird Merrick Sutherland has buried two wives and has a brood of illegitimate children.  But it is his own illegitimate brother that is playing havoc with his temper.  The man wants his place as Laird and will go to any length to get it. 
This is an action packed story full of danger for everyone,  but with lots of love between so many of the characters.  Will our brave heroine find what she's looking for and can our hero survive his brother's plots??
Definitely good fun to read.  Although you could read this on it's own it's better to read the series in order. 
I have loved all of them and can't wait to get the next one. 


USA Today bestselling author Caroline Lee has been reading romance for so long that her fourth-grade teacher used to make her cover her books with paper jackets. But it wasn’t until she (mostly) grew up that she realized she could WRITE it too. So she did.
Caroline is living her own little Happily Ever After in NC with her husband, sons, and brand-new daughter, Princess Wiggles. And while she doesn’t so much “suffer” from Pittakionophobia as think all you people who enjoy touching Band-Aids and stickers are the real weirdos, she does adore rodents, and never met a wine she didn’t like. Caroline was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006 (along with the rest of you) and is really quite funny in person. Promise.

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