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Pieces of Me, by Nicky Shanks. Romance Suspense Release.

Title: Pieces of Me
Author: Nicky Shanks
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: January 8, 2019
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

I am Olivia White. At least that’s who everyone says I am.

But it doesn’t feel like me. 

I can’t explain it. I just…feel it. 
All I have left of a past I can’t remember are headaches and dreams of someone else’s life.
Everything they tell me makes no sense. It’s all lies. It has to be. Why else does it feel like there’s this hole inside me, like I’m missing pieces of myself? Like I’m broken?
But then there’s him. The man with the tattoos—the only person who doesn’t think I’m crazy. 
For some reason I’m drawn to him. I have this profound need to be close to him, like he has all the answers. And maybe he does. Maybe all the missing pieces I’m searching for are right there inked on his skin. Maybe my story is there, hidden behind the black ink engraved into his flesh. 
But then again…maybe I’m crazy.

I live in Kansas City with my husband and our son, Ryker. I have been writing for over a decade, I started out writing songs and music and then realized that those stories were too short for the tales I wanted to tell, so I switched to writing books and articles, which then blossomed into writing contemporary romance and fantasy novels. I am in indecisive person at heart, I love coffee more than a Gilmore girl and my most favorite time to write and create is during a rainstorm (with coffee!).
I love hearing from those who read my stories, I love to hear how much people relate to each character and how they are rooting for their favorites to succeed! I don’t only create stories, I create entirely new worlds and people that come to life!


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