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Lord Despair (Beastly Lords #1) by Sydney Jane Baily. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Indulge in the dark, sexy new series set in Victorian England - a damaged aristocrat and destitute woman find love in a dangerous and unpredictable world... 

From the lush English countryside to the glittering society of Victorian London, and the shabbier side of its gambling hells, Lord Despair thought he’d left the worst behind in the Burmese jungle. He was wrong. 

How can a man embrace his birthright when he cannot leave his bedroom? 

Lord Simon Devere returns from the Burmese War haunted by the vivid memory of his slain cousin and powerless to know reality from dreams. Unable to sleep lest he awaken in the cell of his nightmares, he sits in the dark, incapable of believing he is truly home — and safe — in England. 

How can a destitute young lady support her family after her father dies in debt? 

Jenny Blackwood is determined not to let her mother and sisters succumb to an unkind fate. With a head for numbers, she becomes the skilled bookkeeper “Mr. Cavendish.” One unexpected client is the nobleman cruelly named by gossips as Lord Despair. 

With the estate’s coffers mysteriously dwindling, Jenny goes where others fear to tread, into the darkened room of the unstable earl. Encouraged by her tenacity, Simon believes he can become the man he once was. However, as friendship quickly sparks into passion, they discover the greatest danger lies ahead of them, and the biggest threat to Jenny may be Lord Despair himself. 


Miss Jenny Blackwood is doing her best to keep sufficient funds coming in for her family.  Unfortunately her father gambled away most of it.  Now he is gone it's up to Jenny and her gift with numbers to keep them all,  by doing accounting work for the local businesses.
Simon Devere,  the Earl of Lindsey has returned home after spending two years in captivity in a Burmese prison.  He lost his cousin there and still suffers from the after effects.
A very emotional story that also has plenty of humour.  Our heroine's impressive intelligence will change a lot of lives.  Will our hero ever be able to live a normal life???
Well worth reading to find out.  I loved it. 


Sydney Jane Baily completed her first novel at the tender age of 17. Thankfully, that manuscript currently resides in an undisclosed secure location. She went on to get B.A. degrees in English literature and in history, and an M.A. in literature with a concentration in Romanticism. During her career while continuing to write stories, she has been a copy editor, cat snuggler, proof reader, production editor, mother of two, website developer, indexer, and dog walker, among other things literary and not. 

While writing historical romance, she firmly believes in crafting happily-ever-after stories for an already challenging world. Born and raised in California, she currently resides in New England with her family—human, feline, and canine.

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