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Real Men Growl (Real Men Shift #3) by Celia Kyle, Marina Maddix. Paranormal Romance ARC Review.

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He expected gratitude, but what he got was a gorgeous she-wolf who defied him at every turn.

For six torturous years, Omega Rachel Fields did what she could to protect her packmates from the evil Riverson werewolves. She endured living side-by-side with the men who murdered her uncle and seized his pack — all while raising her orphaned nephew as her own son. Now that their reign of terror is over, Rachel is determined to live life on her own terms. Screw joining another pack! And she doesn’t give a rat’s hiney who it pisses off.

Gavin Blackwood has one job: Redistribute the survivors of the Riversons to healthy packs. There’s only one problem — and she just happens to be the old pack’s sexy-as-sin Omega, not to mention the most stubborn she-wolf he’s ever met.  Oh, and if his wolf’s sniffer is right, his mate!

Even though he’s an Enforcer, Gavin knows brute force won’t change Rachel’s mind. As eager as he is to get her curves into his bed, he’ll have to tread carefully to convince her that she and her young ward would be safer on Blackwood lands. But will they be? Someone from her past has other ideas.


Pack enforcer Gavin Blackwood has been put in charge of the clean up and relocation of a pack whose Alpha is in prison.  A lot of the wolves want to join his pack,  but there are some hold outs.  He need to find the pack records. 
Omega Rachel Fields has spent the last few years living on the outskirts of the pack.  It was a terrifying time under the old Alpha for most of the pack,  but she had a special reason for staying out of the way. 
This book is part if a series that should be read in order.  They are all exciting and sexy reads.  I've enjoyed every one of them.  I'm hoping there is more to come. 


Celia Kyle would like to rule the world and become a ninja. As a fall-back, she’s working on her writing career and giving readers stories that touch their hearts and *ahem* other places. Visit her online 



Marina Maddix is a romantic at heart, but hates closing the bedroom door on her readers. Her stories are sweet, with just enough spice to make your mother blush. She lives with her husband and cat near the Pacific Ocean, and loves to hear from her fans. 



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