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Be What Love Is, by Ellie Malouff. Adult, Contemporary, Romance Cover Reveal & $30 G.C.Giveaway.

Be What Love Is

by Ellie Malouff
  Publication Date: October 1, 2018
  Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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Ellie Malouff returns with a smashing standalone contemporary romance novel that was named a finalist for the 2018 Stiletto Contest and 2018 Molly Contest. On October 1, travel across the Atlantic with Cara Montgomery when she inherits an English estate with a devilishly handsome Brit. Reid Lewis is handsome, successful, and every bit the English gentleman. Years spent in England’s finest boarding schools will do that. Cara Montgomery is a California girl through and through, even if she was born across the pond. As a struggling graduate student, she works part-time at a coffee house, slinging espresso for San Diego’s caffeine addicted. When these two strangers are named the sole beneficiaries of a substantial English estate that rivals Pemberley, their worlds collide and tensions flare. They couldn’t be more different. Cara’s got a flair for Mexican food, books, and leggings. Reid is as posh as they come and a regular on the black-tie gala scene. Against Reid’s better judgment, he agrees to stay and play house with Cara so she can search not only for keepsakes from her childhood but for the family secrets that have been hidden from her all her life. Spending the summer together in a Somerset mansion isn’t what either of them had in mind, but it has its perks, especially when the person you want beyond reason is living under the same roof.

About Ellie Malouff

 Ellie Malouff has been dreaming up stories for as long as she can remember. As an avid reader, she loves getting lost in books and decided one day to give a little back to the literary world with her own contribution. When she’s not writing, you can find her parked on the couch in Colorado with her husband, kids, and cats. She loves traveling to Ireland whenever she gets the chance.

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