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Vanquishing the Viscount (Wayward in Wessex #3) by Elizabeth Keysian. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Emma Hibbert will never again trust a good-looking man. They offer nothing but heartbreak and humiliation. But her conscience won't let her abandon a sinfully handsome stranger needing help—even if he ignites an unwelcome passion in her. She soon realizes she should have left him in the mud where she found him, for he has the power to ruin everything... 

Viscount Tidworth is anything but grateful for being rescued after a tumble from his horse. His pretty savior may be well-meaning, but forcing him to delay his journey completely wrecks his engagement plans. And Tidworth cannot let that stand. But when he discovers Emma's true identity, he must choose between his desire for revenge...and his baffling attraction to her.


Miss Emma d'Ibert is on her way to work as a governess.  Her family are in financial trouble so working is all she can do to help. 
When her transport colides with someone her little bit of medical knowlage is needed.  Not that the other person appreciates it. 
James Markham , Viscount Tidworth is in a big hurry to arrive at his destination before someone beats him to it.  The last thing he needs is some busybody telling him what to do. 
This is an unusual story,  with delightful characters.  A mischief maker is at work.  Our heroine has been misled by a handsome man before, so doesn't trust easily.  Lots of fun and a sweet romance.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. 


Elizabeth Keysian is an English archaeologist, teacher and museum curator. She first started writing "long stories" when her headmaster father needed something to keep her quiet during school summer holidays. In her teenage years she produced angst-ridden poetry, slightly disturbing sketches for an amateur dramatics group and even her own magazine, to the mixed delight and consternation of her friends.
After completing her History degree, Elizabeth joined an English Civil War re-enactment group, messed about with the Middle Ages and finally settled to an enjoyable reconstruction of Tudor Daily Life at Kentwell Hall in Suffolk.
Her imagination was further inspired by living for seven years on a Knights Templar estate, with a garage full of skeletons, a resident ghost and a moat teeming with newts. She now lives near Bath with her partner and cats.
Elizabeth likes to keep her historical novels atmospheric and authentic, with both tears and laughter along the way. She loves to hear from readers.

Her debut novel for Entangled Publishing is Distracting the Duke, Book #1 in the Wayward in Wessex series. Keep an eye out for Book #2, Unmasking the Earl, due out in May 2017. Both books are part of the Scandalous Imprint and can be read as stand-alones.
Seduction, Scandal & Spies
The historical romances of Elizabeth Keysian- enjoy them all! 

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