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Pivot Line (Falling Small Duet #2) by Rebel Farris. Romance Suspense Blog Post.

Title: Pivot Line
Duet Title: Falling Small Duet #2
Author: Rebel Farris
Genre:  Romance Suspense
Release Date: March 7, 2018
Sometimes the worst lies... are the ones we tell ourselves.
His death left me broken—destroyed.
It wasn’t the incident alone. I was already damaged beyond repair by the events leading to that moment. But seeing his lifeless body only sealed my fate. So many mistakes. So much regret.
Dex wants to know what happened that night. He wants to catch a killer and put my demons to rest. I'm just not sure I can trust him after the lies he told to get close. I’m wary... guarded. Still, I’ll welcome him to my world and lead him into the darkness.
He’ll see me for what I truly am. But I’m not the only one keeping secrets.
And maybe… the truth will set us all free.
This author has words that will speak to your soul. --Amy M. (2 Amy's Love Reading Blog)
The sheer brilliance of Rebel Farris' writing is astonishing, so many twists and turns. --Katie (Books After Fifty Blog)
The author had me on the edge of my seat with every twist and turn... Buckle up and enjoy the journey. --Jamie (Bloom & Buck Book Blog)
Rebel Farris is a romantic suspense author. She's also the mom of three lunatics plus two perfect pups (Spike and Snakefinder) currently residing in Austin, TX. A native Texan and former military wife, she spent three years living in Seoul, South Korea (where part of her heart will always belong) and every corner of her home state before settling down. One day she hopes to live out the dreams of her nomadic soul, by traveling the world. All while pouring out the myriad of stories that fill her not-so-normal mind. She'll just have to wait until her brats graduate and leave the house first.
When she's not busy writing her newest project, she can probably be found curling up with a good book, hiding behind a lens of one of her many cameras, or going on adventures with her kids. Champion of the anti-hero, Rebel loves to write suspenseful and unpredictable stories while making people fall in love with the bad guy and the broken souls.

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