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Seduction of Santa (Seduction, #6) by Emma Calin. Contemporary Romantic Suspense. ARC Review.

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A stand-alone mystery, action, adventure and steamy romance from Emma Calin, this time with a Christmas twist and as always a Happy Ever After ending.

Paula Middleton, a cop respected and loved by all, but a woman alone with no one to love. When her heart encounters the tough and wild Max Muswell, she loses her head to a wanton passion. Together or apart they confront the same evil enemies. Will the conflict shatter their hope or unite them in love for Christmas?


Paula Middleton is a P. C. with the Met. in Brixton . That is quite a rough area of London,  but she has worked it as a community police officer for thirteen years and knows a lot of it's people.  When a warehouse manager calls her in to report a lot of thefts, she realizes there is something very nasty going on, on her patch.  That will not do. 
Max Muswell fought his way up from a bad start in the roughest areas of London.  Now he has plenty of money, a son he adores, but a big problem with his staff. 
I love the fact that our heroine is a curvy woman nearing forty.  It proves there is hope for everyone. She is a good cop,  and everyone who knows her,  loves her.  We don't all have to be dolly birds. 
Our hero is not really the type a police officer should get involved with.  He has his own code of honour and doesn't always play by the rules. 
I can easily imagine this happening in today's London.  It can be hard for the cops to find the way to do what's morally right in our increasingly political correct world. 
As usual with this author I found myself immediately drawn in to our characters lives and enjoying every bit of it.  Great story and maybe a lesson for those who try and stick too much to the rules. 
I loved it. 

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Emma Calin was born in London in 1962. She currently lives in France and the UK.

She has been writing since childhood and has won numerous local, national and international prizes for poetry and short stories. 

Emma currently writes action romance novels and gritty short stories in digital e-book, paperback and audio book formats. She has recently announced a series of illustrated children's modern-day fairy tales - the 'Once Upon a NOW' series, which includes 'ALF THE WORKSHOP DOG', 'ISABELLA'S PINK BICYCLE' and 'KOOL KID KRUNCHA AND THE HIGH TRAPEZE'.


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  1. Thank you for featuring my new book on your great blog Petula - and for sharing your kind review. Merry Christmas and wishing you every success in 2018. Emma x


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