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Seducing the Bride (Brides of Mayfair #1) by Michelle McMaster. Historical Romance, My Review.

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After a night of gambling at London’s most famous gaming hell, Lord Beckett Thornby and his friend, Lord Alfred Weston, make a shocking discovery. They come across a beautiful young woman—clad only in a nightdress—laying unconscious in a rubbish heap. Worried for her safety and famous for his habit of taking in strays, Beckett takes the mysterious girl home and puts her to bed, intent on calling a doctor the next day. But his good intentions go awry when his mother and solicitor make an unplanned visit the next morning, and all hell breaks loose.

When the impoverished viscount learns he is now heir to a wealthy earldom, Beckett must quickly take a bride. Having been jilted by his former fiancée, he no longer believes in love… but Beckett does believe in the heated desire this “mysterious angel” stirs within him. He vows to make the voluptuous beauty his wife.

Isobel Hampton is on the run from a villainous nobleman who will stop at nothing until he possesses both her and her family estate. The strong-minded miss makes a break for freedom and disappears into the night, but Sir Harry Lennox vows to find her. 

When she awakens in the bed of a handsome viscount, Isobel demands to know how she got there. But something in Lord Thornby’s eyes makes her want to trust the handsome lord. When he proposes a marriage of convenience, it could be the solution to all of Isobel’s problems… or just the beginning of them.

For though Beckett and Isobel have sworn to a marriage in name only, the flame of passion burns hot between them. As they engage in a dangerous dance of seduction, the last place they expect to find true love is in each other’s arms.

Originally published as The Marriage Bargain in 2000 - Seducing The Bride is a newly revised and updated edition.


Isobel Hampton has to run from her house to escape a killer.  The dark streets of London are no place for a frightened young woman to be. 
Impoverished Lord Beckett Thornby is finding out just who is a real friend and who just wanted his money. 
When circumstances change our hero and heroine must make instant decisions that will turn both of their lives upside down. Just how far must they go to escape our villain. 
He will stop at nothing to get what he wants,  and is a very dangerous enemy. 
A marvellous historical romance with a lot of adventure.  The characters are very unusual for this era.  Even the animal characters are lots of fun.  Captain Black is very special. 
This is the first book in a series that I will definitely be reading more of. 
I loved it. 

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Michelle McMaster loves writing about dashing heroes and spunky heroines in her historical romances, and is known for humorous dialogue and memorable characters. Michelle holds a degree in English Literature from Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia. She enjoys travelling, reading, quilting, and gardening. She lives on the east coast of Canada with her husband and their two dogs, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and a Border Collie mix. She also writes thriller novels under the pen name Avery Holt:

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