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Zandra´s Dragon (Dragons Of Telera #6) by Lisa Daniels. Paranormal Romance ARC Review.

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Without a future, what is the point of the present? 

Zandra’s carefree life was never quite the dream it appeared to be. There is something beyond the pain she has endured during two years in Melzi as it was ravished by the plague. Full of regret, Zandra feels resignation is her only path forward. As a witch, she knows it is only a matter of time before the pain tears her apart – and she believes she deserves no more. 

Anani had spent nearly two decades as far from his reality as possible. The world that he has returned to makes no sense, and the only person left to his knowing is the person he has spent 20 years trying to hate. Faced with the possibility of losing her, Anani can’t seem to hold onto the thin threads of hate. 

Tied by a complicated past, can Zandra and Anani find a way through the pain? Or are they doomed by their past mistakes? 


Zandra is a travelling bard and a witch.  She has spent the last two years in a plague stricken city doing her best to help the dying.  Her mentor, best friend and lover was one that died.  Now she will help his spirit back to his homeland. 
Anani is a dragon shifter.  He is badly wounded in body and soul.  Only Zandra's magic can help him,  but they are not on the best of terms. 
This book definitely needs a box of tissues to go with it.  I thought the hero was very selfish and nasty to our heroine.  He needed a smack not all the help she gives him. 
This is part of a series that is best read in order, but you could read it on its own. 
A very emotional read. 


Lisa Daniels is a (young) retired school teacher who resides in Miami. After five years of teaching, Lisa Daniels found that it wasn’t quite the world that she wanted to inhabit. After leaving her position, she moved to Miami. She hasn’t regretted it.

In her worlds, Lisa Daniels creates characters that go beyond the usual narrative. While they definitively include romance, Lisa Daniels strives to make the worlds more real with characters that are more than just cardboard cutouts of the genre. All of the main characters (and many of the secondary ones) have a rich history that span much longer than the stories themselves. This makes it easy to weave the stories together so that you can see characters you met in previous tales and see how they have managed since. 

The Dragons of Letera is her first standalone series. Letera is a world teaming with romance, action, and stories – it is a world that Lisa Daniels loves to explore with her readers, one character at a time.

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