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Once Bitten (The Wolves Of Hemlock Hollow #1) by Heather McCorkle. Paranormal Romance Release & ARC Review

  About Once Bitten by Heather McCorkle:

One night was all it took to change everything. One moment of weakness, and now I’m becoming. Werewolves were supposed to be things only seen in movies, not things that exist in real life. Instead of med school and homework, my life is filled with a laundry list of things that were once impossibilities. Groups fighting over whom I belong to. The possibility of dying if I don’t learn everything before the next full moon. Figuring out how to survive in a world I never knew existed. But the biggest danger? Ty: history professor, super sexy Viking werewolf, and the man who’s been assigned by the Council to teach me how to survive becoming a werewolf.

My ARC Review: 


Sonya is just a student working her way through med school as a waitress.  A man who has been chatting her up for a while tries to take things further than she wants.  The result of that night will change her forever. 
Werewolf Ty gets picked up by the authorities along with the ones he is fighting.  He will then get a task that will test his control to the limit. 
If our heroine is to survive she must learn to control her new abilities.  Her teacher is proving quite the distraction. They must find out why so many wolves are after her. 
This is the beginning of a new series, and stars Viking werewolves.  What could be sexier?  The characters have lots of depth to them and are strong,  sexy and fun.  A fabulous story line full of magic and danger that I was pulled into from the first page.  I can't wait to read more of this series.  I loved it. 

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About Heather McCorkle:

Heather McCorkle is an award-winning author of paranormal, steampunk, and historical fiction. When she is not writing, or editing she can be found on the slopes, the hiking trails, or paddleboarding. As a native Oregonian, she enjoy the outdoors nearly as much as the worlds she creates on the pages. No need to travel to the Great Northwest though, you can connect with her on her blog and her many social networking sites. You can also find her the first Monday night of every month at 6:00 pm Pacific Time on the #WritersRoad chat on Twitter, which she co-created and moderates. Entertaining readers and uncovering stories and points of view that haven't been covered are two of her greatest passions.

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