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Duke Of Treason (Rogues from War #3) by Lisa Torquay. Historical Romance ARC Review

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When Annabel, widow Countess of Winchester receives a new assignment, she never thought her mission would take her to the Duke of Blackthorne's castle. The Duke is committing treason against England and she must collect the proof that will take him to Court Martial. Though she married another, she had never forgotten the summer together in their neighbouring estates eight years ago. Meeting his commanding hazel eyes now makes her insides twirl with molten sensations. She will not consort with a traitor, says her mind, but her body has other scalding intentions entirely. 

Romulus loathes Annabel for ditching a second son for a title. He does not know she married another for she had news of his death at war. When he inherits from his late brother, he becomes a recluse, minding his own estates and leading his secret operations. He wants nothing to do with the headstrong woman stranded in his castle, acting very suspiciously. Having her under his roof erupts a whole mine of unwelcome reactions and he is on the brink of exploding in a thousand shards of insane passion. 


Annabel Drake is the widowed Countess of Winchester,  and she is a spy who works for the government in England.  Her task at the moment is to find proof that a certain Duke is treasonous. 
Romulus Burroughs, the Duke of Blackthorne is surprised by the Lady whose carriage broke down near his home.  He certainly never expected to encounter her again.  Their shared history ended when she married. 
Our very arrogant hero is definitely up to something, and no amount of our heroine's wiles can discover what. 
This is a very enthralling and sexy story.  How our heroine did not murder the hero I don't know.
The writing style is strange.  Our author likes to use very long words that I often had to look up the meaning of.
I enjoyed it but had to concentrate. 



Lisa Torquay comes from a multi-cultural family. She graduated in History and got a Master degree in British Empire. She has worked as an English and History teacher at high schools. She got married to a Norwegian and moved to Norway, where she lived for three years. Writing has been her passion since she was thirteen. She hopes you enjoy her books and would love to know your opinion about them.

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