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The Event, Dark Sun Dragons, by Scarlett Grove. Paranormal Romance. ARC Review.

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When the sun goes dark, magic comes back to the world … and so do ancient dangers. Nerdy librarian Lucia Amador wasn’t expecting the world as she knew to end while she was out getting coffee. Now she’s trapped in her apartment with her cat … until a dark-haired man with silver blue eyes appears with shocking news.
Alpha dragon Orion Silverdrake has lived without his magic for thousands of years. When his powers return, he detects the tantalizing scent of his late wife’s magic. He follows the trail to Lucia’s apartment, where he must convince the startled young woman that she’s the reincarnation of a powerful witch.
The reunited couple have much more to deal with than getting reacquainted. An evil alliance of vampires and dragons called The Surge is determined to rule the planet and everyone on it. Can Orion and Lucia rekindle their relationship and use their powers to defeat their enemies and protect all the newly-awakened witches flocking to Orion’s fortress?

Book two of Dark Sun Dragons is expected to release mid-January.


Lucia Amador was just a normal librarian until the lights went out.  Now in this scary new world she discovers she is much more. 
Orian Silverdrake has spent two thousand years without being able to shift into his dragon,  but with the return of magic comes terrible danger. 
An ancient vampire has caused an apocalyptic event solely so he and his Scourge can feed and breed. 
A wonderful new series full of danger and magic.  The characters are strong and sexy.  There is much more for them to do and lots more stories to come.  I hope.  It's very easy to put yourself in the story and relate to our heroine.  I will definitely be reading every one of this series.  I loved it. 


Scarlett Grove is a Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance Author.
Between writing books she's wrangling two and four legged babies around the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. With a lifetime love of fantasy and science fiction adventure, Scarlett lets her imagination soar in her sexy romance stories. She loves the heat of an alpha hero and a strong heroine falling madly in love.

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