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Dangerous creatures Series Box by Mandy Rosko. ARC Review.

All three books and the bonus novella in one sweet package. Sensual stories to make you burn.

A sinfully sexy hero with a tortured past who is out for revenge.

A sizzling electro-mancer on the run with his sexy ex.

The dragon who captured her icy heart.

And a reunion with the lover she thought was dead, whom she might now have to kill.

Burns Like Fire. 
Jack Marilla is a hunter,  licenced by the government to catch paranormals.  His whole family were hunters until the house was burned down around them by a pyro.  A paranormal who has fire as their power.  Now he has the one he believes responsible for the death of his father and brothers in his sights. 
Cindy Chase can't believe the man who has caught her is alive,  much less that he thinks she is a killer. 
A paranormal romance with a big difference.  It will have you wondering how it can possibly end happily,  when they both have such reason for hate and revenge. It doesn't quite end on a HAE and does include a teaser for the next story that I am going to read now. 
A Shock To Your System. 
Jamie Holland accident my drained all the electricity from a city block.  That meant a hunter found out what he is and is out to capture him.  When that hunter is someone he likes a lot it feels like a betrayal. 
Ethan Frost is a paranormal hunter and takes his job seriously.  If paranormals are a danger to people they must be caught. 
This is a M/M romance which I wouldn't normally read, but because it is part of the series I did.  I'm glad I did.  It is a very important part of the whole story and about acceptance.  We have a particularly nasty paranormal in this one that nobody wants on the loose.  . A beautiful romance with sexy characters.  

As Cold As Ice. 
Jessica Frost. 
Siren Birgir. 
Jessica Frost has been captured by those who hunt the people with paranormal gifts.  She is more trouble than others would be because she has been pretending to be normal while working with the hunters.  Jessica can form ice out of the air. 
Those who work in the centre where she is being held put her through all sorts of tests. 
Soren Birgir works in the centre testing the paranormals and training the hunters.  He has a big secret of his own,  and it's not just that he is attracted to Jessica. 
Will Jessica be able to persuade the powers that be that she can still work as a hunter, or will she be imprisoned and tested for life. 
The third in the Dangerous Creatures series and must be read in order. 
Gonna Make You Howl
Mina Swanson is a hunter,  but at the moment she is strung up over a fire ready to be roasted for dinner.  The pack of werewolves that have caught her and her friends will eat them. 
In this authors world all shape shifters are considered dangerous wild animals, most of them are. 
Gabriel Lyall is a bitten Alpha werewolf who runs his pack with strict control.  He has killed a lot to get where he is.  He can't allow his feelings for an old girlfriend ruin the lives of his pack. 
This is the forth in the Dangerous Creatures box but could easily be read on it's own.  The characters are working for the same organisation but not related to those in the first three books. 
A good addition to the series. 


USA Today Bestselling Author Mandy Rosko lives as a hermit and she works in Ottawa, Ontario. Every once in a while she peels herself away from writing and Internet surfing to socialize with real people. She loves videogames, Sailor Moon, and her dog.

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