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Bound By Faerie. (Stolen Magic #1) by W.B.McKay. Urban Fantasy +ARC Review.

Sophie Morrigan inherited many magical gifts from her death goddess mother. Most of them inflict torture, except the most beautiful. That one kills. 

As an agent for the Faerie Affairs Bureau, Sophie loves retrieving dangerous magical objects. The job lets her indulge her covetous nature, and most importantly, it pays the bills. But when a routine job goes south, she finds herself struggling to keep her deadly magic in check while fleeing the wrath of an enraged dragon.

In a desperate search for answers, Sophie stumbles across Owen, a fae nightclub owner who's as sexy as he is irritating, but just happens to hold the key to her problems.

Sophie wants nothing more than to get her magic under control and return to her normal life, but first she'll have to face off with all the dangers Faerie can throw at her. Can she fight her way back home? Or will both she and Owen fall prey to a crazed death cult?

Sophie Morrigan works for the Magical Objects Division of the Faerie Affairs Bureau. Her job is retrieving dangerous objects however she can. That usually means stealing it. That can be fun, or dangerous, depending on the object and who she has to take it from. Sophie is a crow shifter with magical powers that she doesn't quite understand.
This is the start of what I'm sure will be an addictive series. Its very exciting and lots of fun. Our kick ass heroine has some serious "issues" . All the characters are special in a different way. I was giggling quite often . Meeting her mother for the first time was a scary moment.
I can't wait for the next book in the series. I loved it.


WB McKay is the pen name of married authors Robert and Faith McKay. Their love of stories brought them together, and they've been writing by each other's side ever since. WB McKay marks the beginning of their true collaboration. They sat down and asked themselves what they couldn't get enough of. The answer was simple. They loved urban fantasy set in a massive universe with room for every creature they could imagine. Throw in a gutsy female lead, a dash of humor, a pinch of romance, and they would eat it up and ask for thirds.

With that recipe in mind, they created a universe based around the vibrant and enchantingly dark lives of the fae. They invite you to explore their world in Bound by Faerie, the first of their magical adventures.

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